The 4 Days To Take Off After A Big Project Or Launch

A Purpose Driven Mom Podcast

Episode 217

I’m coming out of my post-summit high. It was an amazing event and we’ve opened doors to the purpose-driven mom club for our spring cohort.

And I’m tired.

But here is the thing. I knew this was going to happen. 

So I planned for it.

Here’s the thing. Hustling all the time will lead us to burnout, be overwhelmed, and quit. I know this because I’ve been there.

But if you want to grow your business, you’ve got to work hard.

So why not instead, create a plan to take care of what you need after the push?

After a big launch, I aim to take off 4 specific days from work in the weeks after. These days off help me get back on track, pause and celebrate and allow me to recharge before moving to the next goal- because if not I can easily become a GOAL CHASER

The 4 days to schedule “off” from regular work after a launch

➡️ 1 day to rest. — take a day to recharge, nap, catch up on a. Book or show, or whatever you need to physically and mentally reset.

➡️ 1 day to catch up on home stuff — I find during a launch, my home takes a back seat and things can fall through the cracks. Taking a workday off to catch up on laundry, errands, and making your space better is key!

➡️ 1 day to catch up on work— During a big launch, lots of the day-to-day work tasks like emails or tiny tasks that run the day get pushed aside. I like to take one day to literally busy through my list of tiny tasks and get back on track

➡️ 1 day to plan- Take a day to celebrate, do a launch debrief, and plan for the next few months. Take a walk, dream about your business, and content plan in a way that allows you to start getting ahead again

Your business will be fine if you take time off to catch up, take care of you, AND get your brain in the right place. If you’re just going from one launch to the next, you’re going to burn out (you and your community) and start to feel resentful towards your business.

Head to your calendar today and put these 4 on the calendar BEFORE you jump into launch! 

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