Understanding Why We Self Sabotage with Veronica Cisneros

A Purpose Driven Mom Podcast

Episode 240

Why are we getting in our own way? Why do we stand in front of ourselves when really we should be, cheerleading ourselves on? How much time do you have for your self-care?

If you’re someone who struggles with getting in the way of your own goals, you’re going to love this episode and walk away with some gems.

We need to be able to identify why there’s resistance, and where the resistance is in our lives that is keeping us from accomplishing the goal that we set out to do. A huge piece of this is that we have no time because we are needed. But here’s the thing that is key that Veronica talks about in today’s episode, and that is that we need to be needed. So we fill our time with everyone else’s needs.

Let’s dig a little deeper and lay out some practical step-by-step answers to these questions and cut the self-sabotage right here and now.

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Episode Highlights:

01:37 Meet Veronica
06:06 Let’s talk about routines around our own self-care, and why it’s important
09:54 What about the glorification of busyness that we have in this society?
13:22 How do you find the spark outside of your busy role as mom?
17:39 When their husbands are resentful, of the time you time for self-care — How do you communicate with them?
27:38 How we get in our own way and self-sabotage
31:33 Let’s talk about those limiting beliefs …

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About Veronica :

I get it! I once had divorce papers in my hand. On the outside, everything about our lives looked perfect. But I couldn’t admit to anyone in my life that my husband and I were miserable. Every day was a struggle and I had completely lost myself.

Sure, I was doing all the “things” I should be doing. I only was valuable, if my husband and kids thought I was valuable. With nowhere else to turn, I focused on creating the best version of myself. It was just the thing we needed to save our marriage!

No woman should ever have to suffer in silence or hit rock bottom before she decides to live differently. That’s why I created Empowered and Unapologetic.

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