Purpose Driven Mom Podcast

Episode 28

How to Get Started on a Budget and More Money Q&A


Today’s episode was inspired but all of the moms in the Holiday Money Saving Challenge! They submitted questions and after filtering through hundreds of them, I pulled out 3-5 that most women had!

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Episode Show Notes

3:22 How to get on board with your spouse when it comes to money

8:32 How to involve your kids in the family budget

11:46 Thanks to our sponsor Woosh Beauty! Use code PURPOSE40 at checkout for 40% off (This code ends on 11/23/19!)

13:18 How to stick with your budget and stay motivated

16:20 Using the Bite Sized Budget Formula to stay on track

19:15 Utilizing a no spend challenge to stay on budget

24:00 How to get started to determine your budget categories

31:15 Moving past budgeting and finance mistakes



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Links and Resources Mentioned in Today’s Episode 

Master Your Money Super Bundle

Holiday Money Saving Challenge 

Cash Envelope and Budget Binders



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