Real Life Productivity Tips with Tonya Dalton {podcast 30}

Purpose Driven Mom Podcast

Episode 30

Real Life Productivity Tips with Tonya Dalton


Today’s episode is a conversation with Tonya Dalton.

Tonya Dalton is a productivity expert, writer, speaker and founder of inkWELL Press Productivity Co, a company centered around productivity tools and training. She released her first book, The Joy of Missing Out, with Harper Collins on October 1st.


Tonya’s messages about business management, productivity, and the pursuit of passion have impacted thousands and inspired her to launch her podcast, Productivity Paradox which has surpassed more than a million downloads. Her podcast regularly ranks in the top 50 of all business management podcasts on Apple Podcasts.


Tonya has been featured on Real Simple, Entrepreneur, Inc., Apartment Therapy, Lauren Conrad, and HGTV among other places. In 2019, Tonya received the  Enterprising Woman of the Year Award and was named North Carolina’s Female Entrepreneur to Watch by The Ladders.




Episode Show Notes

1:40: Meet Tonya
8:00: How to find support with your passion projects
10:35 Communication tips for conversations with your family
13:40 Using your life experiences to connect with your passion
15:10 Finding your North Star
19:30 Why alignment is key in finding your core values
20:40 How expectations and the stories we tell ourselves get in the way
23:00 Perfectionism, social media, and living our truth
26:35 The glorification of busy and how we can combat it
31:00 Releasing the pressure to ‘do it all’
33:15 Turning your ‘to do list’ into a ‘priority list’
38:10 Creating boundaries around your priorities
45:00 Join Tonya’s challenge Let Go of the Holiday Hustle


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Connect with Tonya

The Joy of Missing Out book
Tonya Dalton Facebook
inkWELL Press Facebook
inkWELL Press Instagram



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