Preschool at Home with Autumn McKay (podcast 31)

This week’s episode is a conversation with Autumn McKay from Best Mom Ideas all about the ways you can have intentional (and fun!) learning time with your preschoolers at home!

Autumn is a former schoolteacher. She realized she wanted to help her children learn and grow, so she began to develop activities for us to do together. and that’s where it all began!

As a mom of two toddlers, I’m always looking for ideas and ways that I can easily incorporate learning into our day without it feeling like another thing we have to add. Her tips we so helpful in seeing ways we can naturally add learning in our days! She also is giving Purpose Driven Mom listeners a free copy of her Ultimate Mom-Saver Activity Bundle and you can get it in the show notes!

Today’s episode is sponsored by the LIVE workshop series – Creating Goals for 2020! It starts TODAY at 1:30 pm EST and you can still sign up! Head over and get your free workbook and claim your spot!

Episode Show Notes

5:00 Meet Autumn from Best Mom Ideas

9:15: Getting started with activities at home

14:00: How much time should you spend with your preschooler in activities?

15:10 How social media impacts our self-expectations

16:46 Ways to foster a reading environment in your home

20:00 Fostering open-ended play with your preschooler

23:10 Balancing between activities at home

25:00 Encouraging Handwriting in your preschooler

28:10 Developmental Milestones for your preschoolers

31:05 Indoor play and activities for your preschoolers

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Links and Resources Mentioned in Today’s Episode


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Autumns Books

Ultimate Mom-Saver Activity Bundle

2020 Goal Setting Challenge

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