Growing a Business When You're Feeling Low Energy with Carelyn Torres

A Purpose Driven Mom Podcast

Episode 312

Need a little help and inspiration to lean into your energy? To create a schedule that works for your energy? Then this is the episode for you! Today Cara is joined by club member Carelyn Torres, who is a mom and runs her own business from home.

She shares her expertise when it comes to being a coach who helps other moms figure out how they can take care of their health and have more energy.

She’s going to share some tips in this episode about how to set your day up for your energy and how to manage your time with your energy limitations. Listen in and let’s get started on making a plan with your energy level in mind!

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Episode Highlights:

2:16 Why Carolyn joined the Purpose Driven Mom Club and how managing kids is NOT the same as working corporate
04:27 How accountability is the game changer to hold people to being empathic and yet honest
13:35 Using the framework to manage your day
16:13 Time management from the framework for working at home
20:12 Using the 15-minute formula to break down a house cleaning schedule
24:22 For the exhausting mom that wants to start working on her business

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About Carelyn :

Growing up with a single mom who raised 3 children, I quickly learned to work hard, be the “good girl” and always give my best. That carried into my career life and looked a lot like a messy cocktail of ambition, impatience and being a workaholic. There was a point in my life that I realized this way of being wasn’t serving me anymore. So in my quest for “work-life balance”, I hired my first health coach who helped me transform my life. I filled my days with fun and my weekend with adventures, I got in the best shape ever while eating what I wanted without shame or guilt and was truly enjoying all of the things. 

But after having my children, everything got turned upside down again. I no longer knew how to manage my home and work responsibilities on top of motherhood, my dreams, my relationships and my health. I felt frustrated and overwhelmed that things were no longer within my “control”. I was living life by default and feeling exhausted. I knew this was not how I wanted to live so I took responsibility and found new ways to do things that worked for me and my family. 

Learning to be flexible and adapt was just the tip of the iceberg but most importantly, I learned to let my body (intuition) lead and focus on what truly matters most to me, including my dreams/desires. I created habits and implemented routines that support achieving my big goals as well as helped me be healthy, strong and consistent in making myself a priority everyday, which has had a positive snowball effect in all areas of my life.  

It is only when we take excellent care of ourselves is when we can make the greatest impact in our children, our homes, our clients and the world. After I realized this, I wanted to provide other moms in business with the guidance to tap into their unique needs and natural rhythms so they can build rituals (systems and routines) to create harmony in their lives while feeling their best.

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