Reducing Overwhelm to Go After Your Goals with Mridu Parikh (podcast 33)

Purpose Driven Mom Podcast

Episode 33

Reducing Overwhelm to Go After Your Goals with Mridu Parikh


This week’s episode is a conversation with Mridu Parikh where we tackle mom guilt, overwhelm and creating a motherhood that you love!

Mridu Parikh is the Founder of Life Is Organized, a keynote speaker, productivity coach, and best-selling author of Accomplish It: 7 Simple Actions To Get The Right Things Done And Achieve Your GoalsMridu’s obsessed with getting more of the right things done with less stress to help ambitious women feel more focused, balanced, and successful.

Her strategies on streamlining tasks and mastering habits have been featured in The Huffington Post, US News & World Report, Real Simple, and many other media outlets, in addition to her own ROKU channel. Mridu’s global Life In Control program teaches four universal steps to ditch overwhelm and create space for what matters most.

A mom of two and wife of one, Mridu enjoys all things milk chocolate and red wine.

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Episode Show Notes

2:15 Meet Mridu from of Life is Organized

4:40 Diving into mom guilt and overwhelm in motherhood

6:12 Creating boundaries as a busy mom

8:15 How to discover yourself outside of being mom

10:32 Breaking down a goal so that you actually achieve it?

13:06 Using time blocking to be less overwhelmed and get more done

15:00 Managing our day to day stressors as a busy mom

23:30 Involving your spouse and kids in managing your home

29:00 Ways we waste time and can be more productive



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