Managing Anxiety and Becoming an Unflustered Mom with Amber Trueblood

A Purpose Driven Mom Podcast

Episode 338

Motherhood is a beautiful journey, but it can also be overwhelming and stressful at times. In this episode of the Purpose Driven Mom Show, Cara Harvey interviews Amber Trueblood, licensed marriage and family therapist, author, speaker, and coach, on coping strategies and self-acceptance for moms dealing with anxiety.

Amber shares her mission to help moms create health, wealth, connection, and happiness in their lives through practical tools and strategies. She explains how her new book, “The Unflustered Mom,” helps moms understand their anxiety styles and provides personalized strategies to manage anxiety. Amber emphasizes the importance of self-awareness, self-acceptance, and celebrating your strengths while also identifying areas where you may need to make changes.

The conversation touches on the different types of anxiety and the challenges of explaining it to others. Amber provides preventative and in-the-moment strategies tailored to each anxiety style, as well as tips for creating an emotional emergency support plan. She also encourages moms to create a safe and supportive community and model healthy coping strategies for their children.

Cara and Amber stress the importance of open communication and seeking help when needed. This episode offers practical advice, resources, and encouragement for moms struggling with anxiety, and emphasizes the impact it can have on oneself and others.

If you’re a mom dealing with anxiety, don’t hesitate to reach out for help and support. Amber’s book and website offer personalized strategies and resources, and the Purpose Driven Mom Summit provides practical tips for summer routines for work-at-home moms. Remember to celebrate your strengths, raise the white flag when you need to, and approach challenging situations with self-awareness and compassion.

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Episode Highlights:

03:47 Meet Amber
07:36 The Unflustered Mom Book
10:31 The increase in anxiety and mental health issues, especially among moms, and the importance of prioritizing mental and emotional health
13:49 Discussing the different types of anxiety and how it manifests in people’s lives
17:38 Tips on how to communicate with people who have different anxiety styles and how to respond to inappropriate comments
19:17 Explanation of how anxiety styles work and how they can affect relationships
23:30 The four anxiety styles in Amber’s book: Lover, Fighter, Executive, and Dynamo, and how they can affect our lives
27:12 The importance of acknowledging and celebrating accomplishments to find joy and reduce anxiety
32:44 How to communicate anxiety and feelings with loved ones to improve relationships and reduce stress
34:00 The importance of asking clarifying questions when communicating with men to avoid misunderstandings
38:49 The importance of letting go of shame surrounding mental health and seeking help

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