Dealing with Self Sabotage as a Mom Entrepreneur

A Purpose Driven Mom Podcast

Episode 342

Are you struggling with self-sabotage and fear in starting your own business? In this episode, we dive into the topic of productivity tips and coaching a member through self-sabotage. Our guest shares her struggles with self-sabotage and fear in starting her business, and Cara provides tips for pushing past self-sabotage.

It’s possible to manage home, work, personal goals, and an online business without sacrificing sleep or succumbing to perfectionism and guilt. It’s possible to speak the truth about your business and consider the possibility of it being easy. It’s possible to detach from the outcome in business and make data-driven decisions.

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Episode Highlights:

00:44 Struggling with self-sabotage and fear in starting your business
07:32 Detach from the outcome of business and focus on taking action
08:22 How do you coach yourself through fears and detach from emotions by looking at the data and asking “What the actual truth is?!”

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