How this busy mom used the SOAR method to start her side business

A Purpose Driven Mom Podcast

Episode 343

Being a mom and an entrepreneur is a tough juggle. But it doesn’t have to be a constant struggle. In this episode, Amanda Lynn shares how she has used the S.O.A.R. principles to achieve her goals and manage her time effectively while balancing her responsibilities.

One of the biggest changes for Amanda Lynn has been having a support system. She felt like she had a cheering squad that kept her on track and encouraged her every step of the way when she joined the Purpose Driven Mom Club. She also found the S.O.A.R. principles of breaking down tasks and batching things out to be the most helpful in achieving her goals, such as decluttering her home.

Amanda Lynn also shares her time management tips for creating content for her YouTube channel and Instagram. There is huge importance in batching tasks and breaking them down into smaller sections which has helped her keep her brain in the right mode for each task. She also shares her weekly reflection process and how it helps her adjust her focus for the following week.

If you’re struggling to balance your responsibilities as a mom and an entrepreneur, Amanda Lynn’s tips and the Purpose Driven Mom Club may be just what you need. Work smarter, not harder, and surround yourself with a supportive community that encourages you to pursue your goals. Give the Purpose Driven Mom Club a try and see how it can help you achieve your goals and balance your life.

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Episode Highlights:

03:18 How the community and club have helped Amanda stay on track with her goals and provided a cheering squad to encourage her progress
06:32 Reading goals before and after joining the club and how she surpassed her expectations
11:48 The benefits of using both paper and digital planners, and how it helps her stay organized
14:17 Amanda and Kara discuss the benefits of breaking down goals into smaller, actionable steps and reflecting on them weekly instead of just monthly
17:25 Recycle plans for parties, holidays, and summer activities to work smarter, not harder, and shares her holiday planning binder as an example.

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