Designing Your Space to Work from Home with Jessica Velazquez

A Purpose Driven Mom Podcast

Episode 344

Are you struggling to focus while working from home? Do you find yourself constantly distracted by household chores or surrounded by clutter? In this episode of the Purpose Driven Mom Show, interior designer Jessica Velasquez shares her tips and tricks for creating an inspiring workspace that supports productivity and well-being.

According to Jessica, the physical environment has a lot to do with productivity and mood. Even if you don’t have a dedicated home office, it’s important to create a space that motivates and inspires you. Start by decluttering and organizing your workspace. Add personal touches like photos or plants, and use color to create a positive atmosphere.

For mom entrepreneurs who may be working from their bedroom or kitchen table, Jessica suggests creating a small corner of a room that is dedicated to work. Use a basket or a bar cart to contain work materials, and be self-aware of your work style when designing the space. Are you easily distracted by noise or visual clutter? Do you need natural light to focus? Design your workspace to match your needs and preferences.

Jessica also shares her four pillars of an inspiring environment: unique design code, lifestyle support, space fit, and matching design style. To identify your unique design code, look for common denominators in spaces that inspire you.

Are you ready to design a workspace that inspires and boosts productivity?


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Episode Highlights:

01:14 The importance of having an inspiring workspace
03:06 Meet Jessica
13:06 The importance of designing a workspace that fits your current work lifestyle, even if it’s not the ideal setup
17:13 The four pillars of an inspiring environment – unique design code, supporting lifestyle/work style, fitting the space, and matching the design code – and how merging these elements can create an inspiring work area.
21:36 How to identify your unique design code by looking for common denominators in rooms that you are naturally drawn to
28:05 Budget-friendly ways to enhance your workspace
33:19 The importance of analyzing the problems in a workspace before making it pretty
36:07 The challenges of having a shared workspace and how zoning can help improve productivity and inspiration

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