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How to Eliminate Your To Do List with Lisa Woodruff

A Purpose Driven Mom Podcast

Episode 349

We are thrilled to share some exciting insights from our recent episode featuring Lisa Woodruff, the genius behind Organize 365.

Meet Lisa Woodruff: Lisa is a multi-passionate individual who, like many of us, struggles with managing her to-do list. She’s been there, buried under never-ending tasks, and she’s here to share her practical tips on making your to-do list more actionable.

The Never-Ending To-Do List: Lisa humorously describes the struggle of trying to get everything done. Her key insight? Accept that it’s never all going to be done. This realization can be both demoralizing and freeing, allowing us to let go of unrealistic expectations.

Live Proactively with the Sunday Basket: Lisa introduces her innovative system, the Sunday Basket. It’s all about organizing actionable items into different pockets and tackling them on Sundays. This system allows you to take control of your time and money, rather than constantly reacting to every demand and request.

Plan for the Unexpected: Lisa acknowledges that unexpected things will always happen, but by planning in advance, you have more information and breathing time to make informed decisions about how to use your time, money, and energy.

The Sunday Basket in Action: Just like making a grocery list, the Sunday Basket system allows you to plan, prioritize, and order your steps, making tasks more efficient and leaving you feeling more relaxed and accomplished.

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Episode Highlights:

02:00 Lisa discusses her struggles with never-ending to-do lists and her realization that they will never be finished
04:35 Using a Sunday basket and a Friday workbox
09:05 Her new system helped her regain control of her life and prevent forgetting important tasks and events
09:51 Discussion about the constant struggle of trying to complete all tasks on the to-do list
14:14 Explanation of the Sunday Basket system as a solution to organizing and prioritizing tasks
20:05 Planning for the week ahead

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