Creating Health Goals as a Busy Mom with Christine Archer (podcast 35)

Purpose Driven Mom Podcast

Episode 35

Creating Healthy Goals as a Busy Mom with Christine Archer


Today’s episode is a conversation with Christine Archer from Beaute-Fit! We talked about living healthy as a busy mom, how to find time for your goals and how to find your worth.

Christine is a certified fitness and nutrition coach for high achieving women, especially moms, who are bosses at home and work but need to get their groove back.

She helps women embrace fitness, beauty and a health lifestyle that they can manage and absolutely love.

She’s a mother of 3, a wife, and a nationally qualified bikini bodybuilders and has been featured on Good Morning Washington ABC 7, BMore Lifestyle Fox45, FOX Sports, Authority and Performance Press Magazine.


Episode Show Notes

1:45 Meet Christine of Beaute-Fit

5:58 Why moms need to create fitness and health goals

7:45 Finding 15 minutes to put yourself first as a busy mom

9:25 How to get started on health and fitness goals and ditching mom guilt

15:55 Keeping motivated on your health and fitness goals

18:45 Getting Your Kids on Board with Healthy Eating



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Links and Resources Mentioned in Today’s Episode 


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