Creating an Authentic Business Culture

A Purpose Driven Mom Podcast

Episode 350

How do you show up as “you” but and be the best leader but still have boundaries? Listen to this episode as we delved into the heart of creating an authentic business culture, a topic that I believe is important for you.

Redefining Productivity: You can redefine productivity by aligning your life and business, showing up authentically, and creating a positive team culture. Set boundaries and make sure your business fits into your life, not the other way around.

The Power of Authenticity: Authenticity is key to your success. Trust your intuition and create a business that feels aligned with your values and goals. Remember, your clients and customers can sense when something is not genuine or aligned with your values.

Balancing Work and Family Life: I shared my strategy of using “closed door” and “open door” communication with my children to establish expectations and maintain a balance between work and family life. You can try implementing this strategy too.

Embracing Your True Self: I shared a personal story about a live video I did during a launch where I had to pause to attend to my child’s needs. While some people may view this as unprofessional, I believe in being true to myself and not worrying about what others think. You can do the same.

Creating a Positive Team Culture: Clear expectations and appreciation are key to keeping team members happy and motivated. I shared a few strategies for creating a strong team culture, including creating a document that outlines how to best work with you as a leader. You can implement these strategies too.

The Importance of KPIs: Having clear Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your team creates a culture of trust, initiative, and leadership within the team. Consider implementing this in your own business.


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Episode Highlights:

00:58 The importance of core values in business and how they contribute to a thriving business culture
09:11 The importance of aligning your business and life, creating boundaries, and making decisions based on your vision
10:01 The need to have a clear vision for your business, including how you want it to look and feel, and the importance of authenticity
13:46 Having values for your business, how they guide decision-making
21:00 Having a mission statement for your business
29:05 The fear of being judged by others
31:21 The pressure to conform to branding expectations
36:17 Tips on creating a positive team culture
37:51 Understanding your values and how they impact your leadership style, and how to make your team feel aligned with your core values
44:28 “Importance of KPIs for Team Productivity”

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