Using Seasonal Planning to Stay Focused This Summer

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Episode 351

If you’re a work-at-home mom looking to manage your time better and grow your business without burning out, listen to this episode — all about the seasonal planning method.

This method can help you decrease burnout and increase your productivity which is what Cara is teaching here!

The four seasons method that Cara introduces includes: push, plan, rest, and fun. She explains that it’s crucial for you to understand your own needs and determine how much push and rest you require. You shouldn’t be constantly hustling and neglecting yourself. Instead, you should incorporate rest and fun into your schedule to prevent burnout and build a sustainable business.

Cara dives into her presentation on creating a seasonal plan, where she covers topics like:
➡️ using seasons in planning,
➡️ backwards planning
➡️ making things actionable even on difficult days
➡️ finding joy in business

She shares her personal journey as an accidental entrepreneur and provides practical examples of how she incorporates these seasons into her own schedule.

One of the key takeaways from Cara’s episode is the importance of starting with the end in mind and pre-planning to avoid stress and overwhelm during launches.

She introduces her themed method, which involves intentionally pausing and focusing on specific areas of your business. By incorporating these strategies, you can find more balance and enjoy the journey of entrepreneurship.

Remember, less hustle, less shame, and more intention. You’ve got this!

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Episode Highlights:

02:45 Create a seasonal plan to decrease burnout and increase productivity in your business
08:38 The Season of Push
09:30 The Season of Rest
10:19 The Season of Planning
12:00 The Season of Fun
25:56 Learn how to identify gaps in your workflows and accurately estimate the time needed for tasks
28:23 Learn how to strategically plan your tasks, allocate time for appointments, and create buffer time for unexpected events

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