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How to Protect Your Business Legally with Amira Irfran

A Purpose Driven Mom Podcast

Episode 303

How do you gain “piece of mind” about your business? What mistakes are you making in your business? Is your business set up legally to weather any storm? In this episode, podcast guest Amira Irfan, a business owner and lawyer, shares valuable insights on legally protecting your business.

Amira tells all about the importance of understanding the legal aspects of your business, regardless of whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned entrepreneur.

One of the first common mistakes business owners make is not protecting customer data by neglecting to have a privacy policy on their websites. Many entrepreneurs tend to copy generic privacy policies, which can lead to copyright violations and potential legal troubles. Amira stressed the need for a customized privacy policy that complies with privacy laws to avoid financial damages.

Amira also discussed the legal requirements for websites, such as:
➡️having a privacy policy
➡️terms and conditions

These pages should be posted in the footer section of your website. The privacy policy protects user information, the disclaimer disclaims legal liability for your website’s content, and the terms and conditions outline policies like refunds and intellectual property usage. Ensuring these pages are in place can protect your intellectual property and help you avoid legal issues.

Lastly, Amira shared the importance of having freelance contracts or independent contractor agreements when hiring virtual assistants or contractors. Without a contract, you could end up facing major legal issues.

Listen in, and take the first step to start legally protecting your business. 

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Episode Highlights:

07:31 The common mistake of not having a privacy policy on websites, the legal requirements, and the consequences of privacy violations
10:27 Learn about the three legal pages required for websites: privacy policy, disclaimer, and terms and conditions
11:10 Understand why disclaimers are necessary to protect yourself from legal liability when sharing content on your website.
16:30 Discover the importance of setting up a limited liability company (LLC) to protect personal assets and limit liability in case of business lawsuits
20:01 ADA and its modification to include websites, the need for website accessibility, and potential lawsuits for non-compliance
24:33 The legal aspects of affiliate promotions, including the need for affiliate agreements, proper disclosure language, and liability protection for both creators and affiliates
30:37 Having a freelance contract or independent contractor agreement when hiring a virtual assistant or working as one

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