ReAir: Transitioning Your Routines for the Back to School Season

A Purpose Driven Mom Podcast

Episode 355

Need back-to-school tips for transitioning kids from summer fun to  the new school year? In this episode Cara provides moms with practical advice to help prepare them and their kids for the back-to-school season.

Cara chats about the importance of setting goals and creating a plan before a new school year begins. 

Among the various tips and tricks Cara provides, the concept of habit stacking is the most important. This concept involves gradually adjusting bedtime and wake-up times, making small increment changes every few days.

We all know kids love technology and most use electronics right before bedtime. Cara suggests reducing technology use before bed, using the habit stacking method and replacing it with other activities, such as playing games or going for family walks.

Additionally, Cara discusses her experience with a program called Table Talk, which helped her address picky eating habits in her children. She shares her own journey towards a healthier relationship with food and offers advice on establishing bookend routines to make the back-to-school transition smoother.

A successful back to school transition is all about structured routines! This episode will help both parents and their children start off the new school year the right way!

Listen in for all the back-to-school tips! 

So let’s jump into today’s episode!

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Episode Highlights:

2:43: Tips for slowly adjusting bedtime and wake up times to prepare kids for back to school

6:02: Advice on reducing electronic use before bedtime to help kids fall asleep faster

9:13: Discussion on changing mealtime dynamics and promoting intuitive eating in children

11:03: Transitioning from sugary desserts to healthier options and promoting intuitive eating

15:57: Tips for creating and implementing morning and evening routines to prepare for the back-to-school season

17:40: Tips for creating daily routines for kids, including pickup, putting away toys, lunchtime routine, and after-school routines

18:24: How to gradually implement new routines

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