Dealing with Imposter Syndrome, Limiting Beliefs and Managing Your Time as a Work-at-Home Mom

A Purpose Driven Mom Podcast

Episode 356

🎙️ Ready to maximize your time as a work-at-home mom? Join us and this amazing panel of experts as we share strategies on managing time, overcoming imposter syndrome, and dealing with distractions! 💪

In this podcast episode, host Cara Harvey welcomes a panel of successful work-at-home moms to discuss all the things a work-at-home mom goes through to move from the Dream Phase of business to the Action Phase.

This panel shares their personal experiences and offers valuable tips for staying focused and productive.

They discuss strategies such as:

  • creating to-do lists
  • setting boundaries
  • involving children in tasks
  • prioritizing focus tasks

The panel of speakers also emphasize the importance of finding joy and alignment in work, communicating with partners about business endeavors, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Be encouraged to believe in your dreams, celebrate small wins, and connect with supportive communities. (like the Purpose Driven Mom Club!)  

Listen in and be encouraged!

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Episode Highlights:

10:12 The benefits of using a membership model in business and its scalability
11:53 Advice on how to overcome imposter syndrome and gain the courage to start a business
18:45 Strategies for staying focused and managing distractions while working, especially when balancing work and family responsibilities
20:22 Tips on how to prioritize focus tasks and handle interruptions in the morning working block
21:50 Strategies for involving kids in tasks and keeping them engaged while working from home
28:26 Using theme days to organize tasks and focus on income-generating activities consistently
31:39 Examining the mindset behind expanding the to-do list and separating work productivity from being busy
36:07 Avoiding comparison and focusing on finding your zone of genius to build a successful business
37:28 Focus on what works for you and what brings you joy in building your business
38:21 Simplify goals and prioritize tasks to ensure sustainability in your business
39:57 Advice on how to handle unsupportive partners and communicate effectively about your business
47:25 Tips on being present and intentional in both work and personal life to maintain a healthy work-life balance
49:33 The importance of focusing on non-numerical achievements and finding joy and satisfaction in the work being done

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