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Episode 359

Are you struggling with managing your time during the back-to-school season? In this episode, Cara discusses the concept of time-blocking for the new school year. She explains that time blocking, which should only be between 3-5 hours at a time, involves creating themes throughout the day and creating blocks for different activities.

Blocks should revolve around anchors, which will look different for everyone. Anchors are the natural transitions in your day, such as school start and end times. Your first anchor can be from when you wake up to when school starts, in which you will have different tasks or activities that happen in between.

What is great about time blocking is that you are not boxed into a strict schedule and you can customize it to fit your day. Imagine your dishes have piled up and you are dreading the task of cleaning it and getting your dishwasher started. If you create a time block for 2 hours, you can decide when in that time block those dishes will be washed.

You can theme your blocks so you know what to focus on. Your morning blocks might be self-care, where you focus on getting yourself and the kids ready for the day. Your afternoon block could be themed as housework, where you only focus on getting all the housework done before school pickup.

Within your blocks, make sure to choose 3 micro-priorities that are focused on your theme. These can be 15-30 minute tasks that are easy to complete and will allow you to accomplish a goal. Micro-priorities can be completing a 30-minute workout or reading one page of that book on your reading list. It is all about the small victories in order to have a productive day.

Consider time blocking to stay focused and productive, especially when entering a new school year! Take a listen!


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Episode Highlights:

00:56 The importance of time blocking for managing schedules during the back-to-school season
2:29 How to create natural breaks in the day as anchors for time blocking during the school year
9:56 The importance of setting aside time for self-care activities such as walking, meditation, journaling, and reading
11:39 How to block out your work day and divides tasks into different blocks, such as admin, meetings, social media, and book-related tasks
14:03 The importance of setting three micro priorities for each block, focusing on specific tasks or goals to be accomplished within that time frame

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