Finding Time for Self-Care With The Busy Back-to-School Season Starting

A Purpose Driven Mom Podcast

Episode 360

🎧 Calling all work-at-home moms! Feeling overwhelmed and guilty about self-care? We are guessing that you need something probably beyond the bubble baths and massages.

Listen in to this episode, where Cara is joined by guests, Chari and Carolyn, talking about:

❤️ the benefits of open communication and understanding in relationships
❤️ prioritizing self-care, and processing emotions
❤️incorporating fun and joy into daily life
❤️ maintaining consistency in self-care practices

Let’s dive in.

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Episode Highlights:

04:11 The significance of self-compassion and how it helps moms prioritize themselves and rediscover their inner selves
07:10 Practical tips for practicing self-compassion, such as viewing oneself through the eyes of a child or from a place of faith
09:15 The connection between self-compassion and self-care, challenging the traditional notion of self-care
09:21 Self-care is more than just bubble baths and massages; it encompasses emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, environmental, social, and professional aspects
10:34 Treating ourselves with the same love and compassion we show our children, embracing mistakes, getting curious about our inner critic, and reframing negative thoughts
15:27 Unlearning decades of self-criticism and embracing self-forgiveness as a crucial aspect of self-care
19:18 The importance of positive self-talk and adopting a growth mindset for personal growth and achieving goals
19:57 Tips for fitting self-care into a busy schedule and overcoming guilt associated with taking time for oneself
23:14 Understanding that self-care doesn’t have to be elaborate and learning to give oneself permission to prioritize personal needs without feeling guilty
29:03 Importance of prioritizing self-care in the calendar and how it can create more time
29:57 The misconception of not having time for self-care and how making time for it actually creates more time
38:47 The benefits of allowing loved ones to share their emotions and how it can strengthen relationships
39:24 Exploring the use of phrases like “the story I’m telling myself” to facilitate open and non-defensive conversations
43:49 Tips on how to begin identifying personal needs and desires, including body scans and reconnecting with childhood interests

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