My Favorite Ways to Reflect on Your Day (Without Judging Your Progress)

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Episode 361

Do you feel you need to reflect more in your personal and professional life? In this podcast episode, Cara discusses the importance of reflection and shares her favorite reflection tool, futureme.org. She shares the benefits of daily, weekly, and monthly reflection and how it can help with goal-setting and staying on track.

It is so important to take time in your daily routine to reflect. You need to ask yourself how things are going and where you need to go tomorrow. Integrating a planner is a great way to track your tasks. A great tip is writing a one-line reflection each day. It could be something interesting you did, something you learned, or a win for the day.

But daily reflections can be challenging, especially if you lead a busy life. It can be hard to take the time to stop and think about the day. In that case, consider reflecting monthly using a reflection pyramid. Starting at the bottom, it starts with 5 basic wins and ends with 1 lesson that you learned.

Cara shares about the tool futureme.org, which she uses in her reflection journey. It is a mix between reflection and planning. The tool allows you to write yourself emails that are then sent to you in the future. How you can use it is writing yourself a quarterly “future me letter” that will remind you of the things you need to do later on. It is perfect for planning and to ensure you don’t forget the core details.

If you are throwing a party in June and need to begin planning in May, write the letter in March. That way you can think about the details in advance and when the planning begins, you have everything you need. Throw in an inspirational quote to get motivated as you plan.

With this tool, you can set yourself up for success!
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Episode Highlights:

1:57 The importance of reflecting daily
4:19 The significance of weekly reflection and goal adjustment
9:35 Using reflections from last week to set herself up for success this week
12:39 Monthly reflection
18:51 Writing a letter to remind yourself of the things you wish you remembered for future summers

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