Lessons Learned From a Beta Launch of a New Program

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Episode 362

Are you thinking about starting a business but don’t know where to start? In this episode, Cara introduces the Mompreneur Roadmap, a ten-week intensive program designed to help work-from-home moms pursue their dreams, take care of themselves, and manage their homes without focusing on perfection or guilt.

Cara also delves into the development of the program and how others can learn how to create and launch their own brand or business. This program is perfect for those who either have no clue where to start or just need more direction.

Pursuing your dreams or goals can be quite intimidating, especially if you are knocked down by people who don’t think you will reach them. Cara talks about overcoming negativity by narrowing down what is in your lane of expertise as well as deciding where to branch out. This creates a mix of comfortability and knowledge with risk and excitement.

The Mompreneur Roadmap program was not an easy feat to accomplish. The program involved using a beta launch, which means starting something before it is complete.

Using this method allows you to really understand the needs of clients and get feedback on the program as it is being used. A beta launch helps address questions like: What did people like or not like about the program? What challenges did users face accessing the program?

What should be included or removed from the program? Cara encourages listeners who want to create their own program to follow the beta launch approach.

The program takes individuals through 4 key processes:
➡️Learn, Plan


Listen in to get more information on how you can get your business off the ground and on the road to success!

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Episode Highlights:

1:04 The journey of creating the Mompreneur Roadmap program
6:18 The adjustments made to the program based on feedback
12:03 Tips on running a beta program
17:35 Figure out skill gaps, create a learning path, and incorporate learning into your daily routine
18:18 Make a content plan, learn about batch breakdowns and backwards planning, and set up systems and workflows

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