Lessons Learned in my Summer Home with My Kids

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Episode 363

Are you struggling with balancing your work and personal life during the summer? In this episode, Cara shares her experience as a work-at-home mom during the summer months. She shares the challenges she faced and the strategies she implemented to balance work and family responsibilities. 

The summer months are busy for a lot of people. The kids are home from school, many people take longer vacations and there are usually hectic schedules full of activities and adventures. Many moms face working a full-time job and taking care of the kids, which is really double the responsibility.

Some summer strategies:

1 | Research Camps

Cara speaks to the benefit of researching camps early to ensure it has everything you and your kids will like and fit in with your budget. That way when it’s time to sign up, you are ready to go. You don’t have to run around at the last minute and potentially spend more money. 

Having a fun and stress-free summer is all about planning ahead and being strategic. Most moms are working from home while their kids are in the background or have to jump out for camp pick-up. If this is the case, be transparent with your coworkers. Let them know you will need to jump out for 20 minutes for camp pick-up or need to push a meeting back to get lunch in order. Throw in some time blocks in the calendar so you know what to focus on and others will know that you need that time. 

2 | Plan for the Unexpected

Sometimes unexpected roadblocks happen which can throw your routine out of whack. Cara speaks about unexpectedly needing to hire for 3 positions, which shifted her priorities and caused a change in routine. The more you can plan for yourself, the better you will be in the future. Roadblocks appear from all directions and can happen at any time. 

3 | Intentional = Not Perfect

Among all the planning and multi-tasking, it is easy to fall into the trap of perfectionism. Many might feel that if they don’t have a perfect workday, they shouldn’t work at all. That is far from the truth. With the kids home during the summer, think about the tasks you can do with them around, and then think about the things you can do alone. Being intentional with your schedule will allow you to be productive and not focus on perfecting every task.

Reflect on your summer. Think about what worked and what didn’t, so you can plan for a better summer next year!

Be able to enjoy your summer, get work done and spend time with your kids all at once.

Take a listen.

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Episode Highlights:

1:02 Cara discusses how she planned her kids’ summer activities

2:24 Being a work-at-home mom

3:57 Cara’s strategies for planning and budgeting

13:25 The importance of planning for unexpected challenges

15:35 Being intentional with imperfection


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