Tips For Taking Breaks and Recharging Throughout the Day to Avoid Burnout

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Episode 365

Do you struggle with effective time management and need some tips? In this episode, Cara shares practical tips for work-at-home moms to manage their time effectively and avoid burnout. 

Work-at-home moms are always busy. Whether it be running a business, taking care of the little ones, or running around to do school drop off and pick up, the schedule is always full of things to do. Cara shares some strategies working moms can use to ensure they are not burned out and are able to get the work done.

1 | Proactive Planning 

One strategy is proactive planning. It is best to think about what can be planned in advance. Time blocks are one thing that can be planned, especially if the tasks are repetitive every day. For example, if the school prep is from 5:30-8am, block that time every day so you know that time frame is for tasks such as making lunch and getting everyone dressed. This can also be applied to when you are working while the kids are home. For some, this is usually the case during the summer months. Determine what work can be done at certain points of the day. If the kids have nap time from 11-1, block that time to do specific work that can be done when there is some peace and quiet. This proactive planning really helps create a balanced day and keep you level headed.

2 | Pomodoro Technique

Cara speaks to using the Pomodoro technique as another way to plan your day. This technique allows for a brain break. This is perfect for working a 9-5 where you have back to back meetings, but can be used for other tasks. Schedule 25 minutes for a task and then 5 minutes for a quick break. This technique is perfect for those who have shorter attention spans and can only dedicate small amounts of time to tasks.

3 | Closing Down

Spending time closing out a time block is a great way to review and set your sights on your next task for the day. At the end of your block, look back at the tasks you did and mark them as complete (this is more for those who keep a list of to-dos). Look at what you have coming up in the day or week and see if anything is urgent. If so, move them around in the calendar. If not, push them out to make more space for downtime or other work.

Listen in to learn more strategies in keeping proactive and focused.

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Episode Highlights:

2:38 Cara discusses the importance of planning out work

5:32 The Pomodoro technique can increase productivity

8:42 The importance of taking breaks during work hours

9:27 The concept of transition times

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