Using the Tiering System for Your Goals

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Episode 368

Do you struggle with accomplishing goals or find yourself abandoning them? In this episode, Cara discusses how to prioritize and organize goals into tiers. She introduces the concept of tiering goals based on their importance.

1 | Prioritize

When you have many goals or tasks, it can be difficult to determine what is important. Most times, everything becomes important and therefore everything becomes a priority. Cara talks about tiering goals as a way to focus on things and assigning a level of intensity. 

For example, if you create three tiers and dedicate a certain amount of time to each tier, you can plan out when to do something and for how long. So if you decide you need to really focus on writing a book, you can assign it as tier one. Tier one goals get 10 hours a week. This means you can plan 10 hours each week to work on this tier one goal. That way all of your goals can be completed at the same time, but the most important get the most hours.

2 | Using Tiers

Cara goes over the four tiers that she uses to accomplish goals: new, established, maintenance, and task. 

  • The “new” tier are goals that are a main priority for the month. This could be doing better at self-care and dedicating more time towards that. 
  • The “established” tier are things that were of focus but you have worked on. Essentially, tier ones will become tier twos because you have accomplished a few things. 
  • Tier three is “maintenance”, which are goals that you have a good handle on. 
  • Tier four is “tasks” and these happen every now and then, like back to school season or holidays. Normally you put these in a calendar so you know in advance when they are coming. Essentially, many goals will work their way from tier one to tier four over time. 

What makes tiered goals great is it allow you to categorize multiple goals and dedicate a certain amount of hours to it. This leads to you feeling more accomplished and not quitting goals halfway through because you can’t plan and feel discouraged. 

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Episode Highlights:

00:58 The concept of tiering goals

2:26 The four tiers of goals

4:15 An example of how to apply the tiering system to goals

8:34 How to prioritize goals

9:26 Setting a finance goal

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