Using the Planning Pathway Framework for Your End of Year Business Goals

A Purpose Driven Mom Podcast

Episode 370

Do you need some guidance in planning your business and personal goals? In this podcast episode, Cara introduces the Planning Pathway Framework, a new framework she has created to help entrepreneurs plan and achieve their goals. 

Cara created the Planning Pathway Framework because there needed to be a way for business owners to either come up with an idea from scratch or validate a new project. Having a framework allows you to be less scrambled and actually feel like you are making progress in your business. 

Helps your person

When using the framework to plan, consider a few things. 

  • Consider validating what you want to do and who you want to help. This about if the business or project is going to help people right now and if they even need it.

When thinking about who you are going to help, it is important to put the person before the sale. Of course, you want to be financially successful with your new business venture or your new project. But, if you only prioritize the sale and don’t consider the wants and needs of the client, you will get nowhere. You want to ask for feedback on what you are providing and take it into consideration to improve what you are offering. People are investing in you!

Fits your life

Another part of the framework is figuring out if your business or project fits into your life at the moment. Is the current season too busy to focus and launch your project? Is it the holidays or summer break for the kids? It is important to consider these times in the year when putting focus into your business. You need to make sure you are giving your all and not distracted by outside factors.

Define your success

Think about what success looks like to you and how you want it to feel. Envision what you want the end of the quarter or the end of the year to look like. Include the financial aspects as well. How much money do you want to make at the end of the year? It could also be the number of listeners for your podcast or amount of subscribers to your course. All of this helps in setting goals for the future and allows you to plan what the future will look like. It all leads to success at the end of the day.

Listen in to learn how to achieve your goals and plan ahead!

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Episode Highlights:

1:40 The new planning framework for business owners

2:22 The importance of validating your business idea

8:10 Prioritizing the person over sales

9:38 Evaluating where a project fits into one’s current life

14:31 Envision what success looks and feels like

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