Using Click Up for Your Podcast Planning

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Episode 371

Are you looking for more ways to stay organized when running a podcast? In this episode, Cara Harvey discusses her podcast planning process and how she uses different tools to stay on track.

Running a podcast can be a challenging thing, especially if you work from home and have other priorities. Cara shares her experience of falling behind on episodes and how to stay ahead and on track. Using tools like ClickUp help in doing this. Cara uses it to batch episodes, in which she schedules days for specific tasks. An example can be Wednesdays are solely for outlining and Thursdays are for podcast recording. This helps get things done and plan for future episodes.

1 | Outline 

Is it important to have an outline structure when planning and recording podcast episodes. Cara provides an outline which is super effective. Whether or not you have a guest, try to get these questions answered: What is being talked about? Why is it relevant? How do you do the thing you are talking about? What scenarios can be presented to the audience? Outlines ensure all relevant questions are being addressed and the conversations flow nicely.

2 | Team 

If you work with a team, planning and managing podcast episodes is a must. Being as far ahead as possible is a great tip to ensure everyone is able to complete their portion. For example, if an episode will be released in 2 months, outline and record that episode month before to ensure it can be sent to team members for editing and final touches. This will make sure no one is scrambling to get things done and the episode can be released on time.

You can take advantage of Clickup to stay on track. Assign colours to different tasks, like team meetings, scheduling guests, recording, editing and approvals. This way your calendar looks more organized and it is easier to navigate.

Listen in to learn more on how to run a successful podcast.

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Episode Highlights:

7:36 The importance of batching and planning days for podcasting

15:41 The outline structure for podcast episodes

17:02 Cara’s strategy for planning and scheduling podcast episodes

23:49 How to organize tasks in ClickUp

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