Creating a God First Schedule with Polly Payne

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Episode 372

Are you pursuing your dreams but need some help in how to plan it all out? In this episode, Cara introduces her guest, Polly Payne, the CEO and founder of Horatio Printing. They discuss the importance of pursuing dreams and prioritizing time for oneself, especially for busy moms. 

Selfishly Chasing Your Dreams

Most moms have one thing in common: they are tired. Moms wear many hats and always have more than one thing on the go. Polly shares the feeling that a lot of moms have, which is not dreaming because they have no time or they failed in the past and don’t want to deal with it again. Most people may feel selfish chasing their dreams because it means taking away focus from something else that might be important. To move away from that feeling, be intentional about what you are trying to achieve. 

Tips to Plan Your Week

Polly provides the tips she uses to plan her week. One thing is taking the time to plan for the week ahead so you know what is happening when and can prepare. Another thing is to identify areas that you’re struggling with and finding ways to overcome it. For example, if you feel physically you are not at your best and you want to improve, think of one thing a week you can do for your body. Maybe it’s a hike on a Saturday morning or going for a long walk around the neighborhood after a busy day.

Multiple Goals Can Stop You

It is easy to become overwhelmed by multiple goals. Polly talks about figuring out what is important and not urgent. We live in a world where everything needs to get done now and if not, everything catches on fire. The reality is not everything is urgent until procrastination makes it urgent.

Polly shares how doing seasonal refreshes help moms finish goals and plan for the next cycle. 

Every season starts fresh with new goals to work towards. Plan who you are going to show up for that season. Think about who needs your support the most, who you need to forgive and who you need to celebrate.

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Episode Highlights:

5:42 The challenges moms face in finding time for themselves

10:03 Pursuing dreams without feeling selfish

20:14 Prioritizing important non-urgent tasks

29:22 Every three months, the planner encourages users to reset their goals

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