How Do I Deal with Entrepreneurial Loneliness? (Inside the Business Roundtable)

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Episode 374

Are you someone who just left their 9-5 job to chase their dream of owning their own business? In this podcast episode, Cara discusses various topics related to entrepreneurship and finding support in the business world as a new business owner.

Becoming a CEO

Leaving a 9-5 job behind to start a business is a very intimidating thing to do. There is a lot of uncertainty and change that comes with it. Cara talks about the struggles that come with this change and how to overcome it. One of the biggest things to come to terms with is that you are now in charge. You are running the show and need to stay on top of everything because you don’t have a “boss” to tell you what to do. Also, no one is overseeing you and your timelines. You become responsible for every aspect of your business so you need to organize and plan very carefully.

Entrepreneurial Loneliness

To avoid loneliness in this new reality, go out and find communities of fellow entrepreneurs who can support you and give you advice on working for yourself. This will also help network and stay social since being an entrepreneur may only involve yourself. If you work remotely for a majority of your job, find online groups that you can have coffee chats and monthly meetings with to stay engaged. Look at local mom groups, Facebook groups and LinkedIn.

Imposter Syndrome

Cara shares how to get over imposter syndrome, which can really hold people back from succeeding in their business. She emphasizes the importance of sharing your business idea. She uses the example of looking at old memories on Facebook where she planted the seed for her business and sees the growth from when it was just a simple idea. In order to make your dream business a reality, you need to say it out loud because your brain will begin to imagine the possibilities.

The First Few Years

For those that are new business owners, the first few years are going to be all about trying new things. You might have a long term business plan full of ideas but there are going to be times where things don’t go as planned. You need to be willing to think outside of the box. Cara shares an example of starting out and needing to make some quick cash, so she sold Trello bundles for $1. It was not in her plan for her business, but it was something she needed to do to make things work, especially as a new entrepreneur. 

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Episode Highlights:

9:38 The challenges of transitioning from a traditional job to entrepreneurship

13:59 The importance of finding communities

26:11 The importance of sharing your business idea

35:31 Different strategies, such as flash sales and low-priced bundles

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