Completing Planning in Bite Sized Pieces

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Episode 376

Are you struggling with planning effectively? In this episode, our APDM coach – Jamie is talking through planning with club member Lisa, where they discuss the importance of planning.

For busy moms, planning ahead is very important. Jamie and Lisa talk about planning various things, such as meal prep. If planning is a new concept, it will take practice to get right. 

To get started, it is best to habit stack and focus on one thing you want to get done for that week. If it is meal prep, think about all the steps needed. What groceries need to be bought and when will I pick them up? How many days will I prep for? Am I prepping for the whole family or just myself? 

Once you get comfortable with planning one thing, then you can move on to integrating other aspects of planning, such as time blocking and routines. Integrate all of your tasks into your calendar like an appointment so you don’t miss it. 

Jamie and Lisa talk about the importance of planning your stuff first and then focusing on what others either give you or need from you. It is easy to feel like other people’s needs are a priority. But, Cara emphasizes the need to focus on your own tasks before you move on to the needs of others. With this mindset, you can do more for your family and with a better attitude. 

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Episode Highlights:

4:22 The struggle with monthly planning

9:48 The importance of weekly planning

10:29 Start with basic planning tasks

11:30 Prioritizing personal projects alongside work tasks

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