Creating a Learning Plan to Grow Your Business

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Episode 377

Do you need some tips as a new business owner when it comes to attracting new customers? In this episode, host Cara Harvey introduces the Mompreneur Roadmap program and discusses the importance of learning and productivity for new business owners. 

The 3 Departments You Need

Cara shares the 3 departments every business should have, which are marketing, sales, and fulfillment. It is important to really understand each of these areas and spend time focusing on them. It might be best to spend 1 month over the next 3 months dedicating time to mastering each one. It is very easy to get stuck on one department, like only focusing on how to market your business on social media. But, that will cause you to neglect the sales and fulfillment which are just as important to keeping your business running.

Cold and Warm Audiences 

Cara talks about the difference between cold and warm markets. Cold marketing is how you attract people. It could be through social media, email lists, paid advertising, etc. Warm marketing is with the people you already have, determining how to create a good experience for them. Both are important in getting and maintaining loyal customers or followers.

Content Creating

Podcasting is a great tool to get people to understand who you are as a brand and business. What makes it so great is most times, it is a free way to connect with people. Other forms of media might feel a little removed or impersonal, but podcasting can allow for listeners to feel more connected and that they are sitting across from you having a coffee chat. 

There are many ways to attract new customers. Selling bundles allows you to offer people multiple things for one price. This could be courses, training, or manuals. Another way is affiliate marketing, which involves marketing another business owner’s content to your audience and that person does the same for you with their audience. This allows for your name and business to be seen by hundreds or thousands of people that live on that business owner’s email list.

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Episode Highlights:

2:22 The three main departments of a business

4:43 Cold market strategies for attracting new people to your business

9:29 How podcasting is a familiar and personal way to connect with people

17:02 How being a guest on podcasts can help tap into existing audiences

18:36 Strategies to attract new customers

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