Using AI to Create & Plan Your Business Tasks

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Episode 383

Are you looking for a way to integrate AI into your business? In this podcast episode, Cara discusses how she uses AI, specifically ChatGPT, to assist in planning and managing her business. Cara talks about how AI can help busy moms work smarter and not harder.

Working Smarter

Cara talks about how AI tools like ChatGPT are great resources to make your business and life much easier. What makes it helpful are the use of prompts. These prompts provide you with a head start if you are feeling stumped. Cara walks listeners through how to utilize the tool and the steps you need to take. 

From the perspective of an online content creator, you need to tell ChatGPT who you want it to be so it can understand the specific business that is using it. For example, tell ChatGPT you are an online platform that helps working from home moms stay organized. It is important to be as specific as possible so the tool will pump out multiple responses. To use it effectively, tell the tool how you want responses to be. 

For example, ask ChatGPT to provide motivational podcast titles for moms who are stressed preparing for the Christmas holidays. This will give the tool a lot to work with and thus provide you with the best answers. 

Use AI for the Dream-Learn-Plan-Do Method

Using the dream, learn, plan, do framework, Cara shows listeners how it can be used with ChatGPT. For “dream”, this is where you are researching what it is you want to achieve. This could be the business you want to get into or discovering a niche. A prompt could be “Who are my main competitors in the content creation business”. You can even ask a question related to  potential listeners or clients. 

ChatGPT can pump out a response that describes what your audience looks like. For the “learn” phase, AI can help provide you with the steps needed to become successful in your business. Once you figure out your niche or the business you will be running, ask ChatGPT about the techniques and tools you can use to understand your audience better. Again, it is important to be specific, so include what kind of business you are running in the question. 

The “plan” phase will include all of the SOP’s and workflows you need to succeed in your business. Ask the tool what kind of tasks you need to do weekly, monthly or yearly. These could include financial, administrative and operational tasks to keep you on top of everything. With all this, you are able to achieve the “do” phase of the framework. Using ChatGPT allows you to create a system to organize any project.

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Episode Highlights:

10:37 Tips for using ChatGPT effectively

20:09 How to use AI to generate content ideas

23:26 The importance of planning and creating standard operating procedures

27:38 The process of using prompts to create a system for organizing any project

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