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Episode 384

Are you a business owner who has yet to implement accessibility into their business? In this episode of the Purpose Driven Mom Show, Cara talks with CJ, an accessibility designer. CJ shares insights on how small business owners can make their online spaces and products more accessible. 

CJ talks about the assumption people make on the internet that everyone uses the internet the same way. Whether it be watching a Youtube video, reading a blog post, reading an email or accessing a document, accessibility can be put on the back burner because no one thinks about it. For business owners, it is important to think about the multiple ways people use the internet and will interact with your business. Seeing this from multiple perspectives is what will make something accessible. Think about the various ways someone might view an email or view an image. Everything needs to be accessible, regardless if someone is disabled or not.

Where to Start

What is deemed “accessible” will change over time as new methods of doing things come to be. CJ talks about tackling accessibility as many see it as a big mountain that is too tough to accomplish. Business owners should start with something small and build upwards, eventually making all aspects of a business accessible to users. 

CJ and Cara talk through a few of the small changes people can make to integrate accessibility, like how to make an online course accessible and how to implement tiny changes from the beginning. One important thing to implement is having captions and transcripts available for individuals who might be hard of hearing. Another thing is for those that are visually impaired, adding alt text to images so they can be able to understand what is being portrayed on their screens.

Details to Think About

Some individuals with disabilities use devices that help them in using the internet. One of these devices is screen readers. Screen readers will read every single thing on a page back to someone who is visually impaired. But, it is important to lay out information on a website, course or blog in a way that can be understood by a screen reader. If not, the information will be read out to someone out of order. To avoid this, implement a heading system when designing pages so information is grouped together appropriately. 

A heading system works like an outline. Imagine writing an essay with an introduction, body and conclusion. All the information is organized in a section depending on where it needs to go. You can use a heading system the same way. CJ and Cara also talk about the importance of selecting colors that are visually appealing. Using accessibility checkers can help business owners use colors that won’t bother those that are visually impaired or have sensitivity. You can compare colors as well to know what will be more compatible.

Design for Mobile

Designing a website for a desktop will look different on a phone. It is important to know how those differences will look on a device and adjust accordingly. On mobile devices, fonts get smaller and images can become distorted, causing an array of problems. There are softwares that will allow users to preview a website in the mobile version. That way instead of finalizing it and then checking your phone, you can find the issues in the moment and make adjustments.

Listen in to learn more about how to make your business accessible.

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Episode Highlights:

5:43 CJ explains the concept of accessibility and how it aims to make online spaces inclusive

10:50 Advice on starting with a few small tasks and gradually adding more

12:40 Tips on making online courses accessible

32:20 Discussion of the importance of selecting colors that are visually appealing

36:45 The importance of checking how a webpage looks on mobile devices

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