Looking at Your "Home CEO" Tasks

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Episode 385

Are you struggling to separate home tasks from personal tasks? In this episode of the Purpose Driven Mom Show, Cara discusses the concept of being a “Home CEO”. She encourages moms to separate their personal identities from their home management tasks. Let’s get into it.

What is a Home CEO?

What is a Home CEO? Simply put, a “Home CEO” is when you look at your home like a business, instead of a personal extension for yourself. Most businesses have strategies in place to ensure that it is running smoothly. So why not do so for your home? For example: making chores like cooking and cleaning are seen as personal goals. But, these are actually home goals. They don’t bring you joy or fill you with excitement. They are everyday tasks that everyone needs to do to keep a home in shape. Personal goals should get you excited and looking forward to the future. Personal goals could include reading a new book or taking up a new hobby, for example.

Home Goals Vs. Personal Goals

Cara also deep dives into the 4 different types of goals and how to think about them in a different way. Step one think about what the “home” needs to work on versus what “you” need to work on. This will differentiate home goals from personal goals.

  • The first goal is numerical goals, which can be broken down by math. This could be a task around the home budget or that the family wants to cap takeout at once a week. 
  • The second goal is project based goals, which could include decluttering the home or working on renovating the kitchen. Again these are home goals and include everyone in the family. 
  • The third and fourth goals are routine and habit based goals. These are routines and habits that everyone in the home has come to know and understand. 


Family Meetings

The last thing Cara shares is, implementing Home CEO meetings with the family once a week. Since maintaining a home involves everyone who lives in it, it could be good to invite everyone to sit down and talk about what needs to be done in the home. Maybe one of the kids wants to redesign their room or have a new meal for dinner. Most moms can feel like they are failing their families because everything cannot get done in one day. With these meetings, everyone can talk as a unit and share how they are feeling about how tasks are getting done.


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Episode Highlights:

00:59 The concept of being the home CEO

1:50 The difference between home goals and personal goals

5:39 Thinking of the home as a business

12:16 The benefits of having dedicated admin time once a week

15:33 Hold a monthly home CEO meeting with the family

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