Using the Word of the Year to Start Planning 2024

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Episode 387

Do you need some support in creating goals for 2024? In this episode of the Purpose Driven Mom Show, Cara discusses the concept of choosing a ‘word of the year’ to guide personal goals and actions. 

Cara shares her tips on choosing goals that align with who you are through creating a “word of the year”. It’s important to choose a word that will keep you anchored through the month, quarter, or year. This word can be something that you want to achieve or who you want to become. 

Cara touches on the fact that coming up with one word can be difficult. To overcome this, she encourages moms to lean into vision statements which will ultimately help you come up with a word that fits you best. Think about what you want the year to look like for yourself, your family, or your career. If writing down a statement is tough, use apps like ChatGPT to help create your statement and word.

Once you write your vision statement, put it up somewhere where you will always see it. This could be your home/work office, your living room, or in your car. That way, you are always thinking about your vision. Cara also suggests creating concrete goals around your word. For example, Cara shares her word of 2024, which is “ease”. She then creates a few goals that can help ease different aspects of her life. One stressful task is cooking, so Cara created goals around creating a monthly meal plan and focusing on meal prep each week.

Cara delves into how creating vision boards can let your chosen word come to life and help with visually seeing what you can accomplish. This tactic is perfect for those that need a little more inspiration instead of just writing the word or vision statement on a piece of paper. Once you have your word, go into Pinterest or even Google to find images that match your word. If your word is “ease” (like Cara), you can include photos of a beach, garden, or sunset to help encourage that feeling.

Take a listen to learn how to plan goals for the new year!!

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Episode Highlights:

1:04 The concept of choosing a word to guide personal goals

9:32 How to use intuition and physical feelings to choose the right word

11:41 Tips on writing a vision statement

18:19 The importance of creating a vision board

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