Taking Control of Your Finances with Chelsea Brennan (podcast 39)

This week’s episode is an interview with Chelsea Brennan of Smart Money Mamas.

Chelsea Brennan is an ex-hedge fund investment manager turned full-time blogger. After several years working on Wall Street, Chelsea made a major life change to choose a family, passion, and a positive impact on the world over money.

Chelsea is a recovering perfectionist, aspiring homesteader, and full-blown Potterhead living in Connecticut with her husband (a rockstar stay-at-home dad and board game enthusiast), two young boys, and a puppy named Stitches.

In our conversation, we talk about controlling your finances, how to get on the same page with your spouse and start investing for your kids (and your) future!

Episode Show Notes

3:30 Meet Chelsea Brennan of Smart Money Mamas

7:00 How budgeting gives us freedom

10:09 Your money mindset and how it impacts your spending habits

11:33 Why we as moms need to be involved in our family finances

13:40 Having financial conversations with our spouses

16:50 Creating emergency financial plans for your family

19:21 Creating a plan for paying for college

32:00 Talking to your employer for better benefits and plans

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