The Best Things to Batch in Your Home & Business

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Episode 391

Do you need some help when it comes to organizing your day? In this episode of the Purpose Driven Mom Show, Cara introduces the concept of batching as a productivity tool for moms. 

It is a common fact that moms are very busy, with a long list of tasks and to-dos. It is easy for things to fall off the radar when there is no effective way to keep things organized. Cara shares the concept of batching so moms can work smarter and not harder. Batching involves grouping similar tasks together so you are not running around doing different things at different times.

Cara shares the two best ways to batch tasks. One way is to batch by category. For example, Cara batches all things podcast related together, so there is a block of time where everything from planning to recording is worked on. The second way to batch is by task. This could be batching all of your household cleaning tasks together so it is completed in one session.

Batching should be done on a schedule that works for you. If you tend to be more productive answering emails and making appointments in the morning, schedule that batch of tasks from 9am-11am. It might be best to schedule self care at night after the kids have gone to bed since it might be a quieter period. Take some time to sit down each week and plan out how you will complete your tasks!

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Episode Highlights:

00:55 The concept of batching and its benefits

1:42 Examples of how to batch tasks

6:18 The two types of batching

9:56 The process of creating a batch schedule

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