Creating Boundaries to Help You Better Achieve Your Goals

A Purpose Driven Mom Podcast

Episode 392

Do you have a hard time creating boundaries in your work and home life? In this episode of the Purpose Driven Mom Show, Cara delves into the crucial topic of setting and maintaining boundaries across various facets of life.

Setting boundaries with family, friends and clients can be a very difficult thing to achieve and maintain. It is easy for people to say yes to everything and everyone, but this can cause burnout and feelings of not wanting to let others down. Setting boundaries is a learning curve and will take time to get used to. If you are used to saying yes to everything, people are going to consistently ask you because you don’t say no. Setting those boundaries will make a statement to others that you have a firm line with certain things and you will not cross them. From that point, people in your life will adjust to it.

Cara shares a few ways to set boundaries with different people in your life. One thing to do is make a list of what you will say yes and no to. With friends or family, think about the time or money spent on an event or task to help you determine if it is a boundary that needs to be created. If you have clients, make sure to communicate things like office hours or response times so they understand what is expected. Setting boundaries with family members, like a partner or your kids can be tricky. Cara shares the best method to handle this, which is to use “I” statements and emphasizing the importance of the boundary.

Take a listen to learn more about setting boundaries with Cara!


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Episode Highlights:

00:59 The importance of boundaries in work, personal goals, and life

1:57 Tips for setting and keeping boundaries for personal goals

20:08 The importance of communicating boundaries with clients 

21:02 Advice on how to communicate boundaries with family members

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