Creating Systems in Your Home with Amanda Boleyn

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Episode 403

Are you a mom who is looking for a way to stay organized? In this episode of the Purpose Driven Mom Show, Cara chats with guest Amanda Boleyn about empowering work-at-home moms to achieve balance and productivity. 

Many busy moms face challenges when it comes to getting and staying organized. There are always a million things to do from school drop off to laundry to shopping for groceries. Amanda shares how creating systems can help keep moms organized and calm the mind from the chaos. Creating a system is about setting up routines that work for you and your family. Is it easier to make Friday’s your laundry day? Or maybe a deep clean of the house is best when everyone is gone. It is important to find opportunities where things flow easier and plan tasks around time frames that work best.

Creating systems creates more freedom, even though many feel it can be constraining. Systems allow you to know exactly how you are spending your time and energy and can cause less reactive responses when rushing or doing unplanned tasks. Tactical planning like determining your anchor tasks throughout the week and then planning everything else around them can create a more organized life for you and your family.

Take a listen to learn more about how to create systems!

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Episode Highlights:

3:16 The challenges moms face in staying organized 

6:13 How to prioritize and manage time effectively

9:08 How constraints and routines can provide more freedom

14:50 The importance of creating systems

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