The Power of Accountability: How to Stick to Your Goals This Summer

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Episode 409

Are you a busy mom struggling with staying loyal to your goals? In this episode of The Purpose Driven Mom Podcast, Cara highlights the crucial role of accountability in reaching personal goals, particularly through the summer months. 

The summer season can be a time when a lot of moms set aside achieving their goals. With the kids home or in summer camp, it can be difficult to juggle everything. Cara shares how accountability can be such a great motivator to getting tasks and goals done during the summer months. Having a support system to remind yourself of your goals is a great way to stay on track. Lean on your friends, family, coworkers and mentors to help move you along as you juggle both your family priorities and your own goals.

Having self-accountability is so important to staying on track to achieving your goals. Whether it be tracking tasks for yourself or setting up chats with people in your support system to talk about how things are going are all ways to keep yourself accountable. There should be aspects of achieving your goals that are non-negotiable and need to be completed no matter what. Sit down and think about what these are, make a plan for yourself and communicate it to those around you so they understand and respect your boundaries.

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Episode Highlights:

03:28 How accountability can boost motivation and help overcome feelings of being unmotivated, especially during the summer

05:00 The importance of finding the right support system and accountability partners to achieve specific goals, especially during the summer

09:02 The challenges and benefits of self-accountability

16:06 The benefits of group accountability settings and the opportunities they provide for finding support and connections

18:34 Strategies for making accountability calls a priority 

20:58 The significance of finding accountability partners with similar goals and the importance of being around a variety of people

21:43 Addressing fears of accountability and the reminder that it’s okay not to always succeed

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Transcript: The Power of Accountability: How to Stick to Your Goals This Summer

*Cara Harvey * (00:00:03) – Welcome to the Purpose Driven Moms show here at A Purpose Driven Mom, we believe that it’s possible to manage your home, work on your personal goals, and grow and scale an online business. Most productivity tips out there tell you to hustle more and make you feel shame about not being motivated enough. And we’re here to dispel this myth. I’m Kara Harvey and I am on a mission to help work at home. Moms realize that they have the power to go after their dreams, take care of themselves, and manage their home without perfectionism, guilt, or having to sacrifice their sleep. If you’re ready to shift your thinking around productivity and get some practical tips to help you manage your mom life, toss your earbuds in while you fold the laundry. And let’s do this! Welcome to the first Vermont Show, episode 409. And today we’re talking all about accountability. Why it is such a powerful tool when it comes to sticking with your goals, and how it can really help you take those goals you make in the summer and actually make them a reality.

*Cara Harvey * (00:00:57) – I think a lot of times we think about the summer, right? And we think, oh, well, I’ll work on my goals later. I don’t need to focus on them right now. The kids need me. I have all these other things going on. But what if instead you created a system that, as you go into the summer, supports you and isn’t? Quote another thing, accountability is one of those things that we think about. Last, we often think, oh, like if I tell my partner, like my husband, my goal is okay, or I can just do it on my own. But I will tell you time and time again, I teach a five step process in the Purpose Driven Mom Club. This piece of accountability, when implemented correctly, can be such a great motivator. So today I want to talk to you about what it means for you in terms of your goal setting, how you can find accountability and let you know. Listen. The Purpose Driven Mom Club is open right now.

*Cara Harvey * (00:01:45) – Go to a purpose driven mom.com/club where you can come and join us for a summer cohort. And I talked to somebody that day and they were like, I don’t know if the summer is the right time, so let’s just call it out right now. If you’re thinking, hey, I’m interested in joining the club, but I just have so many other things going on, I don’t know if I’ll be able to show up this summer. I hear you, but what if you showed up in a way that works for you? We have purpose driven accountability calls. They happen almost every single day. Your schedule is going to change every single week. You don’t have to show up to the same call. You can get on different times around your vacations, around what works for you. You can get on your phone, right and just listen to the zoom and check in. One of the reasons the calls are so successful is because they allow people to get re-energized. I just asked in our group today, I said, you know, if you’ve been attending calls, what’s the reason you do and what’s the reason you don’t? And the biggest thing we heard from don’t is like, it just doesn’t work in their schedule, which is totally fine.

*Cara Harvey * (00:02:39) – That’s why we have our Facebook group and our accountability group. But people that said they showed up, we got a couple things. One is like, I show up every week and the one is like, I’ve showed up occasionally, but every single time I do, I leave feeling better. Now, this is one of the reasons accountability helps in matters is because when you have this support system in place, it’s not just you. I have a business coach, I have a health coach, I have a life coach that I work with. I cannot do it on my own because I’m the one who always holds everybody else responsible. I’m always the one that needs to be the one holding people accountable. I mean, heck, it’s my job, right? If I don’t have somebody else to check in with, I don’t have a person I can go to and say, this is the goal I’m working on. This is where I’m struggling. It’s going to be very easy for me to not work on my goals, and I know that it can feel the same for you.

*Cara Harvey * (00:03:28) – So again, purpose driven romcom slash club. Or you can go to the show notes, just, you know, scroll down if you’re on YouTube with Purpose Driven mom.com/podcast 4.9. But let’s talk about how accountability helps for motivation. A lot of times we feel like we’re just supposed to be motivated, right? Like I’m supposed to be motivated. I’m supposed to do all these things, but oh, isn’t it hard? Can it be challenging to motivate yourself? What if it wasn’t just you? What if you didn’t have to be the one every day to wake up with all that energy, but you had a place to lean. We’re not going to be motivated all the time. There’s nothing wrong with that. I think we think that there’s something wrong with that, but there isn’t. There’s nothing wrong with waking up and being like, I just feel blessed today. I had therapy last week and I said that to her. I said, I don’t want to talk about what I’m feeling this week and I can’t really explain it.

*Cara Harvey * (00:04:13) – And part of it was I was feeling unmotivated. But what I did was I made a plan and I checked in with my accountability system, which is like my therapist and my health coach and my life coach. And I said, this is how I’m feeling. And they were able to help me debunk, if you will, when you’re feeling unmotivated, if you have a support system to lean on, you are more likely to continue to show up. And it’s summer schedules change every single week. You might not have the people you normally see. I know, like when I walk my kids to school, so I see the same parents at pick up drop off. I see the same parents in all the activities we’re in. In the summer, things are different, so I don’t have my friend group around. I don’t have the circle of people I check in with and talk to about things. It’s going to be really helpful for you this summer to have that, and a lot of times I think we want it to look in real life, right? Like I mentioned, I have some friends I check in with.

*Cara Harvey * (00:05:00) – Some of my friends are not good for my goals. I’m just going to say it. I have been trying to drink less, right? So my friends who are like, hey, it’s noon and it’s nice out. Let’s have, you know, pop a seltzer and like, sit by your pool are not going to be the best ones for my goals, okay? And I’m still love them and I still want to hang out with them. But this is why I have a secondary layer of accountability. This is why I have a health coach that I can message and be like, hey, listen, this is what’s happening. Tomorrow at noon, friends are coming over to sit by the pool. I know they’re going to want to drink. Can we come up with a plan around it so that I’m not tempted to do that as well? Just because the people in your real life aren’t your ideal accountability or support system does not mean they’re bad people. It doesn’t mean they hate your goals. They just it just means they’re just not the right people for those.

*Cara Harvey * (00:05:43) – Specific goals. If you come in the summer and you’re like, let me join the club or let me find again, we’ll talk about how to find this accountability. But I’m going to use the club as an example because right now doors are open till Thursday. We really will be there for you. Let’s find people who are going to hold you accountable. One of the reasons the accountability system in the club works is because we’re objective. I’m not judging your success. I’m not judging. You’re showing up. I’m very black and white. You said you were going to drink five glasses of water four days last week. How did that go? Takes the feeling in. The emotion out. You need an accountability buddy or a person or a small group. Or if you go to a workout class or a crafting group, things like that. You need people who are going after the same goal, and you also need people who are going to motivate you along the way. On the days you don’t feel motivated, you also want to find accountability this summer with people who are going to real talk you okay? I also have people who I will tell my goal to, you know, I’m trying to lose some weight this year, right? And I will tell them my goal and they know my goal.

*Cara Harvey * (00:06:40) – And you want to make sure that those people will hold you accountable. The purpose for Mom Club is currently open for our summer cohort. I know what you’re thinking. It’s the summer. You already have a million things on your plate. You’re going to vacations. Your schedule is inconsistent. You’re not going to be able to plug in. Can I encourage you to actually use this as the best time to plug in? Our summer schedules are so inconsistent. That’s why we need support. I want you to go to a purpose of your mom com slash club and check out what we have to offer you for the Purpose Driven Mom Club. We want to stand in your corner this summer and teach you the goal setting system that’s going to help you feel less overwhelmed and allow you to enjoy the summer. This summer, we want you to conquer your goals and relax and get some hobbies. Have family time, but the best way to do it is with support, accountability, structure, and a little bit of a framework.

*Cara Harvey * (00:07:31) – In the club, you get a self-paced course that’s going to talk you through how to do all of this. You can show up to accountability calls every day if you wanted to, depending on your schedule, whether you’re away or not. And this is going to help you take those goals and make them a reality. If you have a goal of any kind this summer, the Purpose Driven Mom Club is what’s going to help you get there. And right now, I have got a special bonus for anyone who joins the summer cohort. You’re going to get my Mom Planner printable. That’s going to help you get everything organized for your habits, your goals, and for your kids. Go to a purpose driven mom. Com slash club. Right now, doors are open until the 6th of June and you can join our summer cohort. We won’t be opening till the end of the summer again, so if you want this summer to be a time where you focus a little bit on you, on your goals and your top priorities, come to a purpose driven mom.com/club and we would love to have you.

*Cara Harvey * (00:08:20) – I’ll tell you this funny story. We went to the boardwalk a couple of weeks ago, and I’m trying to stay on my macros. I’m trying to eat a little cleaner. I knew I wanted to have ice cream because, like that orange vanilla twist at the Jersey shore core brothers, if you know, you know. Right. Like, I was like, that is what I want for my treat, okay? But I know I’m going to be tempted with French fries and pizza and all that kind of stuff. So I said to my friends, permission granted. If you see me like gobbling up things, right? That wasn’t the ice cream reminded me of my goal. Or what I said was it slapped the pizza out my hand. Right. My friend said, you know, I’m gonna get mad. I said, no, I really want this kind of because I want to have the ice cream, but I can’t. I can’t really fit in the ice cream in the pizza. You want people who are going to actually hold you accountable.

*Cara Harvey * (00:09:02) – Now, there’s some other types of accountability that I think will really help you. This is the hardest and it’s called self accountability. Isn’t it a challenge to show up for yourself? But I want you this summer to ask yourself, how do I want to show up with integrity? This week I’ve been doing some accountability challenges on my Instagram. Come hang a purpose driven mom, with my time blocking printable. And it’s been self accountability. And I feel amazing because I said I was going to show up for myself in these ways. Example I said I was going to record two podcast episodes today. I didn’t want to. I just got finished watching a television show while I did a little bit of work, and I was like, oh, I have therapy and a half hour. I really don’t feel like sitting. I could just scroll my phone, but instead I said, nope, I’m going to take 15, 20 minutes and I’m going to talk about accountability to get myself accountable. And it was something I said I was going to do, and I feel great.

*Cara Harvey * (00:09:51) – I feel great because I said I was going to show up for myself. One of the things that happens when you start to show up for yourself is you start to change your belief systems around. Now I’m a person who, right, maybe you were someone who struggled to show up for your goals. The a couple weeks ago, I just ran a ten mile race that was like a huge goal that I made for myself in December when I started training. If you’ve been listening to the podcast for a while, you know I’ve been training a couch to five K that turned into ten miles that I walk around or whatever, and I’m still at this moment contemplating if I want to do the half marathon in September. It was so hard. my body is in a sore today as I thought it was going to be. It was just a couple days ago. but it was really challenging, so I don’t know. I haven’t decided yet, but I told myself I was going to do it, and I showed up for myself.

*Cara Harvey * (00:10:34) – And what I actually did was I rewrote this narrative that I’m a person who quits. My brain was saying, you’re a person who quits. You never show up for yourself. You don’t take time for your own goals. You have failed at running so many times because I have started, stop, started stop. Right when I did that race or that mile nine, I was in tears and all I did was talk to myself. Kara, I’m so proud of you. I can’t believe you showed up today. Look at you getting out here. Even though it’s imperfect. Even though it wasn’t like the way I wanted it to look. And I took a lot of walk breaks and all those things I didn’t want to do. You still showed up that self accountability. What that has done is given me a confidence that I can achieve other goals. So no matter what type of accountability you get the summer can I encourage you to lean into self accountability? Set some goals for yourself for the summer. My goals in the summer are very light.

*Cara Harvey * (00:11:25) – I’m not doing crazy stuff. My schedule is busy. every single week is different in the summer. Every day looks just a smidge different. So I don’t set super push hard goals. and I just taught all this last weekend, my. Well, last week in the future, real time. This is what happens when you record podcast episodes in advance. It’s like I’m recording this in its May, but my challenges are already happened when it aired. But as of the airing of this last week, I taught my simple summer schedule challenge, and what this really did was allow me to remember that every week is not going to be the same, and every day is not going to be the same. So I don’t want a ton of super hard goals in the summer, but I have a few. I don’t want to just sit in the summer and do nothing. I want to end the summer feeling aligned. That’s always my favorite word, right? Not balance, but aligned. I want to end the summer feeling like I showed up for a couple goals that I made for myself.

*Cara Harvey * (00:12:13) – So whatever goals you have, I just want to encourage you to try to be your biggest cheerleader. You need to look yourself in the face, in the mirror. There’s a really good book. It’s called Mirror Work by Louise Hay. Maybe I’ll make that. One of my summer goals is to, like, reread this book, because I really like it, and it allows you to look at yourself in the mirror and say like and rewrite stories. Say things like, I can do, you can do this, right. I believe in you. You are loved, you are wonderful. And in self accountability when you show up for yourself. What this really does is it reinforces that you’re a person who can do this. And when you start to have integrity with yourself, make keeping the appointments we made, which as moms, it’s so hard to do. Everybody needs me. I’m juggling to camps. I have all these things on my plate, but showing up for myself, it just boosts my confidence.

*Cara Harvey * (00:12:59) – So this summer, no matter what, layer one of accountability is self accountability. But it’s the hardest because we’re not always motivated. We don’t always want to do things. We want to scroll phones and watch TV shows. Or maybe that’s just me, right? Like I want to read my book and things like that. I want to encourage you instead to go ahead and pick something in. Stick with it and pretend you’re somebody else. Now accountability buddies. That’s probably like layer two. Like one individual person that’s helping me on one individual goal. So if you have a goal this summer, maybe it’s a movement goal talk walking, right? Maybe you’re like, I want to walk, all right. You’re going to find a buddy that either wants to walk with you or wants to maybe text you when you walk. Maybe you’re like, I want to start my podcast this summer. I have extra time. My kids are at camp or we’re home. Or maybe you’re a teacher. You have your summer off, so you’re like, I have time.

*Cara Harvey * (00:13:47) – I want to start this podcast. Find a person who also wants to start a podcast, and then y’all can be podcast buddies. Having a one on one accountability buddy I really, really like this is my layer two of accountability. The only thing I don’t love is that I often find that I’m the person who is leading the charge here. I’m the one who’s like, running the ship. I’m always the one checking in or texting someone, and that’s just exhausting. In a 1 to 1 buddy system, you want to make sure you’re equally yoked. You know, you want to make sure that you’re both running the race together. Not one person is the one who’s always texting and trying to figure it out. Hey, how are you doing? Hey, how are you doing? That’s exhausting. I don’t want to do that. I want someone where? Sometimes it’s me, sometimes it’s them. I like one on one buddies, though. If you’re looking for accountability this summer, that’s like on one specific goal.

*Cara Harvey * (00:14:36) – And they’re doing a thing. That’s always the thing. It’s in my five step process. But, you know, club members show up to coaching and they’re asking about I have this goal that I want to do. I will always say to them, I just did this yesterday. We were talking about a decluttering goal, and then someone else had a yoga goal. And I said, post in the group, I want you to post in the Facebook group, we have 200 members and say this is a goal I have this summer. I’m looking for one buddy to be my source of accountability. Now, this person I talked to yesterday, they show up for calls each week in the group setting, but I was like, I want you to have something more because once a week calls are great, but a lot of times we need more frequent gamification. We need more frequent check ins, we need more frequent accountability. So I recommend one to ones. Right. So layer two here is that 1 to 1 accountability buddy.

*Cara Harvey * (00:15:18) – This is for daily accountability okay. This is like medium hard because you can’t always get the right buddy for you. But you can find someone that will help you with a specific goal. And I like this to have these 1 to 1 people if possible, be in real life. For me, I’m walking. I have a friend that we like our step buddies. It’s great because I’ll be like, hey, can I come over and we can just go like walk a couple laps? I need a little bit of of a boost, right? We were making plans to go hiking this summer, things like that. I’ve got a brand new freebie for you to go and check out, and it is a time blocking planner. A super simple sheet that you can use to use micro pins, plus time blocking to get things done. This summer when everything feels overwhelming or honestly, you’re just unmotivated and want to go sit by the pool. You can go to Purpose Driven Mom sometime blocking, and that’ll bring you to this absolutely free principal planner that you can use.

*Cara Harvey * (00:16:06) – There’s a video that goes along with my top time blocking tips, and helps you figure out how to get your schedule moving and grooving. That’s a purpose driven rom com slash time blocking. Now tier three. When it comes to accountability, this is going to be the group setting. I love a good group setting because you’re not relying on one person to be your buddy for when if it falls apart. Because because it might. the other thing I like about groups, they could be led, like the Purpose Driven club led by me and my team of coaches. Or they could be like mastermind style. So the Mont Preneur roadmap, that is my other course, self-paced course on helping you start a business. Right. And that group we ran as a coaching and they turned into a mastermind. They all meet with each other still. They are in a great group where they check in, and I love that showing up to a group setting is great because you can find your people within the group. I’m in a business, I have a business coach and so inside the group I see the people who are like doing similar things.

*Cara Harvey * (00:17:01) – I see the people that are on a similar level and I can vibe with them. It kind of gives me more probability of finding the right person. And also in a group setting, like you don’t always, you’re not you don’t have to be the one in charge, which I like. I will say this, I am always like in a group project, the one who wants to take the lead. I’m first to raise my hand on things. So I do want to encourage you though. If you find yourself always being that person, to step back to allow someone else to lead, because it’s exhausting. There’s a really good book. It’s called The Life Council. I think it’s ten friends. Ten friends every woman needs. And in it they talk about this concept of the yes friend. The yes friend is the person who, like, I need a restaurant recommendation. I need a sport. This is my like someone like wants a kid sign their kids up for some sort of sport. I immediately will get a text like, hey, who does soccer? Who does this? Like where’s the best one? I’m the yes friend in a lot of my groups and it’s tiring.

*Cara Harvey * (00:17:48) – I love doing it. I don’t mind making the plans, but sometimes I’m just exhausted. I don’t want to be the yes friend. So if you find that in accountability groups or one on one situations, you’re always the one doing it. I just I do want to encourage you to back up a step right, to just say it’s okay if it’s not me, it’s okay if I’m not the one doing it and going ahead and kind of allowing other people to lead as well, it will help hold you accountable just being in that environment. So how can you get your accountability this summer? one, I’m just going to give you a tip right now because this is something we were talking about in the group about like, hey, I joined this program. It has these group calls. I don’t get on them. It’s not worth my money. Right? That’s something we hear about the club. Like, is it going to be worth it if I don’t get the accountability? Well, one yes, you’re going to get this entire course and system that you can go through to help you.

*Cara Harvey * (00:18:34) – But the accountability really is a needle mover for a lot of our members. Here’s what I do when I can’t get on accountability calls or coaching calls or teaching calls or webinars or whatever it is, I tried to make it a non-negotiable for myself. That’s like, first, I really want to do it at this time. You know, I run two calls a week, Fridays and Tuesdays at 1 p.m.. I put it in my schedule. I make it an appointment for myself. The coaching group I’m in for business is Tuesdays 11 to 2. I try or 11 to 1. I’m sorry. So I try really hard to not schedule anything around that. That is my time with fidelity I keep, but it doesn’t always happen. For example, yesterday I had to take my daughter to the orthodontist, right? Her appointment happened to overlap in that sometimes you just can’t help it. So what I do if I can’t get on those calls, it’s I always go back and listen. And this is one of the reasons we record the calls and the purpose of a mom club.

*Cara Harvey * (00:19:18) – It is because we know that there’s power in hearing other people be coached, and we also can’t always get on. So I always go back and watch. Even if I couldn’t get coaching, being around and hearing other people’s goals, hearing what people in the accountability group are doing reminds me of my goals. It gets me excited again. It gets me kind of thinking this is something that I want to do, right? So that is really important. The other thing I would recommend is not only like saying, hey, this is what I’m going to go through, what this is what I’m going to do it. But having a time to check in if there’s a social community group. So I’m in a couple groups that have a slap, a Facebook group, etc. I have one time a week where I batch going through all the programs I’m in or the courses or whatever. Like a lot of courses have groups where I check the groups and I only do it once a week, but I always go in there because I find that talking about my goal, I, for example, I bought a gardening course last year, okay, last year when I was like went through the course live, I went to each of the monthly office hours calls.

*Cara Harvey * (00:20:10) – Now that I’m not going through the course live, I don’t get on every single one, but I make it a point at least once a month during gardening season, which is now that I go in and I just scroll through the Facebook group for 15 minutes and I just see what people are asking. It keeps me going, even though I’m not actually checking in with anyone about my gardening. I’m getting in the gardening mindset. I want you to create a structured accountability plan for yourself this summer. Make sure you have regular check ins that you’ve made, milestones that you make, goals. The other thing I need you to make sure you do though, is that again, that equally yoked. I’ve been in many groups when my business where my business goes this way and their business goes this way, or they quit or whatever it looks like, sometimes those groups will pull you down. And if you find that you’re spending time with people were like, maybe you’re up here a level and they’re there, or vice versa, it’s not best for you.

*Cara Harvey * (00:20:58) – It’s okay to have an accountability body and say, you know what? This is really served me. I’m really happy. I wouldn’t say this is really surfing. And so this is really served me. I wouldn’t say that in real conversation, but in my brain, like it served me right, like it served its purpose in real conversation. I would say more along the lines of like, hey, I really enjoyed being a buddy, you know, to keep each other. They’re accountable for this goal. I’m gonna be working on, like a different goal moving into the next into the summer. So, I’m probably not going to check in about this goal anymore. But thank you so much for like, being my buddy. It was really fun. It’s you don’t have to be buddies with somebody forever. And I think a lot of times not having the appropriately yoked, that’s my phrase of the episode, but not having the appropriate yoked buddy can bring you down because you’re not being pushed, because you’re not being challenged.

*Cara Harvey * (00:21:43) – It’s important to be around a variety of people. And listen, I get it. It’s scary. You’re like, I want I would love some accountability, but I’m afraid this is the other thing we hear. I want to join the club, but I’m afraid because you’re going to ask me if I did something that you asked that I said I was going to do, and I didn’t do it. What if I don’t show up for the goal? That’s okay. It’s a reminder, really. What the accountability calls are is a reminder of what you said. I’ll go through my notes from the whole month and be like, hey, remember the beginning, the month you said this? Oh yeah, I forgot. I said this, right? It’s not about you show up and you’re like, I suck because I didn’t do the thing. It’s okay. Maybe I didn’t succeed this week, but I’m going to keep going. That lack of follow through can be scary, but don’t let it hold you back from getting the support and the accountability that you need.

*Cara Harvey * (00:22:25) – All right, give yourself some love, some self-compassion, right? And just know that if you keep showing up for yourself and you’re trying to do it on your own and it’s not working, you need that external accountability. So I’m gonna invite you to join the Purpose Driven Mom Club. Doors are open in til today’s the third. So until the sixth you can join our summer cohort won’t be opening up again to again until the end of summer. If you really need that accountability to work on your goals over the summer, you have extra time. Maybe this summer and you’re like, hey, I want to bang through the course. Whatever it is for you. Go to a Purpose driven mom.com/club. Come and join us. We would love to have you, and I hope to see you on a call and getting some supports. And if not, have a great summer! We’ll be having podcast episodes that come up once a week anyway, so we will be here as your source of inspiration and motivation. But you can go to a purpose driven mom.com/club and you can join us now.

*Cara Harvey * (00:23:14) – Thanks so much for listening to this episode of The Purpose Driven Mom Show. If this episode served you in any way, we would really appreciate it if you headed over to wherever you listen to podcast. Hit that five star and leave a review and a rating. That’s how more moms can find us and we can grow our community. If you had a tip or an Make sure you come over and tag me at a Purpose Driven Mom on Instagram and share it with your friends. The best way for us to get this message out there, of less hustle and less shame and more intentionality, is for you to share it with people you know need to hear it. Thanks for listening. We appreciate you and I can’t wait to connect with you more outside of the podcast.


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