Energy Boosters for Busy Moms: Maintaining High Spirits While Everyone is Home in the Summer

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Episode 412

Are you a busy mom looking for some ways to keep the summer fun, but relaxing? In this episode of The Purpose Driven Mom Show, Cara shares valuable tips for moms to stay energized during the summer. 

Though the summer can be busy for most moms, Cara teaches on the importance of self-care. It is important to not say you are going to prioritize self-care, but build it into your schedule as a plan. With vacations, activities and work happening at the same time, it is easy to just push self care to the side. A good way to integrate self-care is to build it around times of the day that are not busy. For example, taking after dinner walks with the family is perfect because most times after dinner, people are taking it easy and winding down for the night.

Cara also provides moms with some proactive and reactive strategies for the summer to stay on track. One of these strategies is to choose activities that lend to quiet time so you can feel recharged. Some of these include having reading time outside at a park or going for a hike. This allows for the kids to keep busy but also takes the pressure off of you to spend so much energy doing activities.

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Episode Highlights:

01:50 Feeling of burnout during summer?

04:22 The benefits of routines and independence for kids

06:00 The importance of self-care for moms, including exercise, sleep, and nutrition, to maintain high energy levels

08:12 Activities, such as walks, to boost energy and mood

13:11 Incorporating quiet time, meditation, and music to recharge and boost energy levels during the summer

14:45 Creating routines for kids, incorporating reading time and outdoor activities to provide moms with a break and recharge time

16:18 Tech free recharge 

17:53 Creating systems and checklists to reduce decision-making and mental load for outings

21:33 Encouragement for simplifying meals, creating snack boxes, and finding ways to enjoy the summer while reducing energy drain

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Transcript: Energy Boosters for Busy Moms: Maintaining High Spirits While Everyone is Home in the Summer

*Cara Harvey * (00:00:03) – Welcome to the Purpose Driven Moms show here at A Purpose Driven Mom, we believe that it’s possible to manage your home, work on your personal goals, and grow and scale an online business. Most productivity tips out there tell you to hustle more and make you feel shame about not being motivated enough. And we’re here to dispel this myth. I’m Kara Harvey and I am on a mission to help work at home. Moms realize that they have the power to go after their dreams, take care of themselves, and manage their home without perfectionism, guilt, or having to sacrifice their sleep. If you’re ready to shift your thinking around productivity and get some practical tips to help you manage your mom life, toss your earbuds in while you fold the laundry. And let’s do this! Welcome to the Purpose of Your Mom Show episode 412. We are right into the thick of summer, and today I wanted to talk a little bit about some energy boosters because I know that it can feel challenging to have a good attitude and some high spirits when everyone’s home and you don’t have a ton of space, you hear it in my voice.

*Cara Harvey * (00:01:01) – I’m actually recording this in May, but I already am feeling the effects of summer, the allergies, the seasonal changes, and just having to talk more or yell at my kids. And it’s not a good feeling. I don’t want to feel tired and drained all summer, and I don’t think you do either. So I wanted to give you some things that have helped me feel more present. It’s been one of my goals this year. My my word of the year is ease. If you’re not familiar with this concept, just kind of picking one word to filter your decisions, your feelings, your vision through. And I have very heavily leaned into this this year, especially as we go into the summer. We finished up as the time I’m recording this, we’re finishing up our summer planning challenge, and I’m really thinking about how can I have more slow down time, how can I have more ease? Because I’m craving it. And I think that’s part of this. Keeping the high energy, I would say right is making sure things feel aligned.

*Cara Harvey * (00:01:50) – I know that summer can feel tiring and you can feel burnt out. I was actually just talking to one of my coaches and she was saying, oh man, I’m like, my kids are home more than I’m used to. And I think there’s also this fear and feeling that goes with that. Like, am I a bad mom for feeling this way? Right? Like, my kids are home more than I’m used to being home. It’s stressing me out and I need a little bit of space. There’s nothing wrong with those statements, but I do want to give you some encouragement that you can enjoy the summer. You can have some time for you, and I’m going to give you some proactive reactive. That’s always our strategies here at a purpose driven mom, some proactive and some reactive strategies to helping yourself kind of feel more energized, feel less scattered, and not feel like all you’re doing is picking up pool towels and trying to plan activities for your kids. And we’ll talk a little bit about independent play and and things like that.

*Cara Harvey * (00:02:37) – All right. And how that can recharge. You show notes. There’s going to be over at a purpose for vermont.com/podcast for 12, which is wild 412 episodes. So thank you for everybody who’s listening. If you’ve not left a rating or review we highly, highly encourage it. And we thank you so much to how other moms find our show. It’s how we’ve been able to hit almost 600,000 downloads and become a top rated podcast. It’s because you share it. So if anything I say in this episode today helps you out. Please, you know I do this content for free. It would be a great quote unquote payment to share with somebody else and just say, hey, this podcast helped me. All right. So let’s talk about some of the challenges you’re probably hitting right now at the point in summer, right? I bet the kids are saying things like, I’m bored. I bet you’re tired of trying to be a camp cruise director. You might have your kids at summer camp outside of the home all summer, and you’re probably tired of an alarm.

*Cara Harvey * (00:03:28) – You don’t want to wake up if you haven’t had a vacation or any sort of break, you’re probably feeling really exhausted. And I think for a lot of us moms, the summer can feel like so much more quote unquote work when if our kids go to traditional school, or even if we homeschool and take a pause because there’s less structure and this can feel really draining. But it is important to kind of keep our spirits and our energies high throughout the summer for you to not hit burnout, and also to just enjoy time with your kids. I really am on this mission right now to help moms realize that it’s possible to enjoy time with your kids while still having structure in your home. I think a lot of people see the routines and the productivity and all of that that I teach and they think, oh, it’s too structured, right? You have to make a list for everything. I was joking with mom the field day. We were talking about charts and lists, and I was just saying how I keep a lot of visual schedules for my kids, because this allows them to have some predictability to know what’s going on.

*Cara Harvey * (00:04:22) – And she’s like, your house must be full of charts, and it must feel so strict and structured. And I was like, it, it doesn’t. It flows. And this allows me to have more energy to put into the things that matter. Like we’ve been playing Old Maid. It’s been our game of the summer. So like playing five rounds of Old Maid with my kid. Right. And we’ll talk actually a little bit about that today. Like how do you, how do you get the energy when your kids are just constantly like, I need to play with mommy all the time as well, but I just want to encourage you that having routines doesn’t have to mean that everything feels super tense all the time. What it actually does is give you freedom to not have to feel like you have to be on top of your kids all the time, because it lets them become independent. All right. On a pause really quickly to invite you to an absolutely free workshop I am hosting called From Dream to Reality.

*Cara Harvey * (00:05:10) – It is a mom Preneur Business Planning absolute Free webinar, and it’s going to teach you how to use the planning pathway framework to figure out how to break down your business goals and make your business dreams a reality. You go to a purpose driven, romcom slash dream to reality so that you can get your seat and the replay in case you can attend. What we’re going to be covering in this time is talking through your business idea how you can take it from in your head something you’re thinking about to actual creation. The Planning Pathway framework talks about who you want to help and what this looks like, where this fits into your goals. Hey, maybe you want to have a podcast this year. Write a book. Start a new course. Where should you put that in your year? We’re also going to get how it’s going to happen and talk about the breakdown of the goals, and then what it’s going to look like when it all comes together. In this free workshop, I’m going to teach you this framework.

*Cara Harvey * (00:06:00) – So whether you’re somebody who has a business who’s been trying to figure out how to make it work, how to monetize it, you’re going to want to attend, or if you’re somebody who’s thinking you might want to start a business in 2024, I’m going to invite you to come attend this free workshop where you can learn how to take your business dream from inside your head to making it a reality and creating a plan. Go to a purpose driven romcoms. Dream to reality to get your absolutely free seat before we kick off. So we’re talking about two different things really in our main buckets today. One is the self-care for you and the other is energy management. And I guess the third caveat of the kids, right, of like, what are they doing to help lean into this energy management self-care. So let’s start with the self-care stuff. You know, I was going to go there. One of the best ways to have high spirits and to feel excited and to keep your energy up this summer is making sure you have time for you again.

*Cara Harvey * (00:06:49) – I was coaching through someone in the Purpose Driven Mom club which you can go apply. The club is closed right now, but head to a purpose driven romcom slash club. Fill out an application. So if we have any early openings, we’ll let you know if there’s a spot. But in the club, in one of our coaching calls, we were talking about this and she’s like, well, I want to try to find time to exercise this summer. And I was like, nope, we’re going to make a plan for it because it’s very easy with vacations and schedule changes to say I’m out of my normal routine. I’m not going to take care of me because I want to have a magical experience with my kids. I want my kids to have a really fun summer, and that often comes at the detriment of sacrificing for ourselves. So I really want to encourage you if you want to have higher energy levels, if you want to feel more aligned, if you want to have some more joy this summer, what are you doing for you? Getting some physical movement is great.

*Cara Harvey * (00:07:32) – I love to take walks. We do it as a family so we’ll do like post-dinner walks. I actually have a better routine that I like. It’s nice to do a family walk, but what I really love to do is I like to do individual walks. So after dinner or sometime in the evening, if especially like it started because I needed to get my steps in. And now that my steps, you know I’m getting my 10,000 pretty easily, it just becomes something fun to do. We’re I’ll take one of my kids with me on my walk, so I’ll say, okay, so mommy’s going to go do a lap by herself. It takes me about ten minutes to walk around my block, so I’m going to go do a lap by myself, all right? And I always like to start with this because I want this time for me. I want this time to decompress. I need the time to just, like, be alone. I do this when my husband is homes, obviously, so I can leave my kids home.

*Cara Harvey * (00:08:12) – So this is one of the ways, especially if you or my kids are doing less camp this summer because of scheduling my son’s having surgery. We have a couple of things with take off for vacation, so we have less camp. So my husband is not going to be home as much. So obviously like I’m being pulled out all day long. So one of the rejuvenating things I’m ending my day with to make sure I can kind of not have that end of the night crash because I still want to hang out with my husband. I still want like, I found myself at the end of the school year feeling so exhausted that I don’t even want to, like, go watch a show with my husband, which is like our normal thing that we do at the end of the night and it’s summer. I want to, like, sit by the fire pit and talk to him and have a relationship with him. But I’m so burnt out and tired by the end of the day, I don’t want to do it.

*Cara Harvey * (00:08:47) – So this is one of the ways you can boost your energy to kind of get through the end of that night is doing these walks. So what I’ll do is I’ll be like, all right, I’m going to go take a walk by myself so I can just like have a like ten minutes of me time. And then I come home and then I encourage my kids to come in. So I say, all right, who’s going to come next? And then I do a lot with my son and I lap with my daughter. And if my substance here, I’ll say, hey, you want to take a walk with me? Right? With you. 17 so it’s like pulling teeth a little bit, but I can sometimes get him to take a walk with me as well. This gives us one on one time. It allows me to feel in just a better mood. I think a lot of times we see things as how terrible they are. We’re failing as moms. We didn’t do this. There was for Mother’s Day a few years ago, I saw this video someone put out where it was like the mom’s perspective in the kids perspective.

*Cara Harvey * (00:09:27) – Maybe you’ve seen it and like, the mom fed the kids like, I don’t know, ice cream for breakfast or something or, I don’t know, whatever. It was cereal for. Something that made her feel guilty and in her head was like, I’m the worst mom because all I’m doing is feeding my kids sugar. And then it says the kids opinion, which is my mom is so cool and so fun. We got to do this right. And I think this is one of the things I love about taking these walks to kind of boost up my mood with my kids is that when I get one on one time with them and we’ll just start with like, hey, tell me, you know, like, what was the best part of the day? Like what was really fun for you? I get to hear it from their eyes and their perspective, and that makes me feel like so much better because I’m maybe down on myself. The stuff we didn’t get done right, like, oh, I had all these fun plans, we’re going to go to the park and we were going to the beach and we didn’t.

*Cara Harvey * (00:10:07) – But what did we do that was fun? So I changed it there a little bit with an activity to do with your kids, but I want to encourage you to do some form of movement, some form of walking or exercise, because that’s going to help you have higher energy, better confidence, and also just that feeling of like, oh, I did something for me. So whatever exercise looks like for you, I like to work out in the mornings. So I am trying to do that before the day starts because I know if the day starts and I haven’t done it, it’s going to be very hard for me to pick it up and then I like to just be done. So then I can like, get on my swimsuit and go to the pool and go to the beach. We can do whatever we want. So exercise is going to be a big one for your self-care. The sleep. Okay, I want to encourage you to have a good sleep schedule this summer. We know that sometimes it’s no alarm clocks.

*Cara Harvey * (00:10:47) – Some weeks maybe you’re driving to camp and maybe you do have alarm clocks. Allow yourself to enjoy some sleep. Do not just stay up late because you can, and you need a little time. That sleep is actually going to make you feel better. I’m feeling definitely tired today because I had less sleep last night. No, that while there are lots of things going on, sleep matters. So I really recommend part of your self-care is not just what is it called revenge time? Bedtime. What is it? It’s revenge bedtime procrastination where like, you stay up because it’s the only time you have for yourself. While I love a good Netflix show, if those things aren’t fueling you before bed, it might be better to just like, go to bed. I said that to my husband last night. My kids rooms are right across from mine, and my kids go to bed at nine in the summer, 930, sometimes even ten, like we really do go to bed a lot later. So that pushes my bedtime back.

*Cara Harvey * (00:11:34) – And I said to my husband, yesterday was not 915. And I was like, I really want to go up to bed, but the kids are still up and I just don’t want to be up there when they’re up. So I’m just going to sit down here for a half an hour and hope they fall asleep. Right. So I want to encourage you to get a good sleep routine for some self-care. And also the nutrition piece, you know, this summer, fill up that water, make sure you get some fruits and vegetables. Take care of yourself when you’re on the run. It’s going to be easy to just grab and go, but know that you know I really believe what we put in our bodies like will fuel us one way or the other, and I would rather fuel for energy. These self-care tips are going to help you just be in a better mood. I feel like when I’m taking care of myself, I feel better, I feel energized, I am happier in my home and in my life.

*Cara Harvey * (00:12:16) – And so this summer, when a lot of your schedule is probably structured around what the kids are doing, can you please carve some time out for you? What do you need on top of that, get some good stuff in for your mental health. Like I have a therapist I see every week. I’m going to still continue to see her. Over the summer, I was telling club members, make sure you’re still getting on calls in the summer. I also made a couple goals this summer around meditation, prayer, and things like that so I can have quiet time for me. There’s an app. It’s called balance and I think I saw an ad. I bet if you click it, it’ll probably come up on your Facebook where they gave a year for free. But there’s tons of free meditation apps where you can just have a little bit of quiet. And at first, I wasn’t going to add that to my schedule because I thought, oh, it’s just another thing to do, when am I going to find time? But I realized that the summer is actually the best time for something like creating a meditation habit, because I need some quiet time and I need some tools in my toolbox for when I’m feeling overstimulated, for when it’s too loud, for when I need a little bit of a break.

*Cara Harvey * (00:13:11) – So I would encourage you also to add in some time to pause legs up on the wall. It’s like really good for your cortisol. Like lay on your back, but your legs up on the wall and sit for 2 or 3 minutes and just breathe. Take some time. I call it a mommy. Time out. Mommy need some time out right now type of things. I also have a playlist that I keep on my phone. It’s called You are Incredible and has all my pump up songs on Spotify. I play it before I go on live. It like gives me some energy. So make a playlist for yourself. Music is a really good mood booster so that when you’re feeling overstimulated or touched out or just tired, you can have higher energy because you’re going to pump it up. I’m telling you, music is definitely one of the ways to go right now. Part one of your higher energy, good spirits, good mood stuff for the summer while everyone’s home and touching you and all those things is taking care of you, right? It is that self-care.

*Cara Harvey * (00:14:03) – But what are some things you can also do to set up your kids so that mommy can get a little bit of a break? You know, we always talk about that witching hour when my kids were babies. It’s still from when my kids get home to school to dinner is still kind of chaotic, and it doesn’t change that much in the summer. So what can you do with your kids? And it’s creating those nice routines where you’re having space and time separating together, if that makes sense. So one of those things we do is reading time. I love to read, and my kids are now avid readers as well, and everyone can read, so it’s great. So what we do and I did this, I would tell you I did this from when they were tiny. And my little guy, he had to like look at a picture book. It started with me reading to my kids, and then it turned into, okay, you can’t read the words, but you need to look at the pictures.

*Cara Harvey * (00:14:45) – And now it’s turned into so we can all sit for 15 minutes and read a book. So we have these recharge times during the day where it’s reading time and everybody gets their book, and we can either sit outside on a picnic blanket, find a cozy spot, make it fun, and I just get a little bit of recharge quiet time, which I really, really need some of the other things. Really help recharge me as being out in nature. So taking that hike with my family, my kids are getting better at hiking and it’s quieter when we hike. Sometimes we fill the space with noise and sometimes we’re just all walking and there isn’t really a need. We’re just actually enjoying nature. So if you can think of some activities you can incorporate with your kids that lend to quiet, I think that would be helpful. And I know a lot of times we want to be like, all right, cool, let them watch a show. And I do that too. Like when I need a minute, I’m like, go watch a show so I can recharge.

*Cara Harvey * (00:15:30) – But I want to encourage you that if we’re using tech, you know, if you’re using tech for that, that’s okay. But tech is not the best way to recharge yourself. Scrolling your phone mindlessly. And I’ve been on a huge tech fast type kick like I still use tech. Obviously I’m recording it right now. I still scroll my TikTok. I do all these things, but I’ve been trying to limit the amount of tech because I’m realizing that tech does not recharge me. At first I, you know, I was like, oh, I’m just gonna veg down on my phone. It’s, you know, energizing, whatever. But it’s not what it’s actually doing is it’s sucking my energy because it’s making my brain go into comparison mode. And so instead, what I really like to do is if I, you know, my kids are going to watch a show or whatever, and I’m using this time to recharge, I will do one of those things I talked about exercise. I might go walk in my backyard if you can’t take a walk because like, you’re the only adult home alone.

*Cara Harvey * (00:16:18) – I walk in my backyard. I just do laps. A lot of times. There’s something about grounding and taking your shoes off and being like, barefoot in the backyard. That really helps. Let me feel a little more, you know, lit up and a little bit more energized. Okay. I’ve got a brand new freebie for you to go and check out, and it is a time blocking planner. A super simple sheet that you can use to use micro pins, plus time blocking to get things done. This summer when everything feels overwhelming or honestly, you’re just unmotivated and want to go sit by the pool. You can go to Purpose Driven Mom sometime blocking, and that’ll bring you to this absolutely free principal planner that you can use. There’s a video that goes along with my top time blocking tips, and helps you figure out how to get your schedule moving and grooving. That’s a purpose driven rom com slash time blocking. I want you to also try to plan family outings that are enjoyable, but not exhausting.

*Cara Harvey * (00:17:11) – A lot of times we talk about vacation. Not really vacation for moms, right? We’re making the list. We’re doing all the things go into the beach, things like that. One of the things that has helped me with family outings is making them easier, routine wise. So I have a bag. It has all the beach stuff in it. We only use it when we go to the beach, sand toys, etc. so when it’s time to go to the beach, I know that’s the beach bag. I pull the beach bag out, have the towels already in there. I just went to like the five below and I got extra towels to put in there so I didn’t have to worry about packing a bag. And it’s ready to go. That allows me to use less energy during the activity. I keep in my car a bunch of sidewalk chalk bubbles. They’re scooters, stuff like that. So if we are at a place I can be like, cool, let’s recharge. Everything’s already there.

*Cara Harvey * (00:17:53) – Anything you can do that will eliminate the amount of decisions you have to make is going to be re-energizing. So I want you to look at the rest of your summer and ask yourself, like, what fun things do we have planned? How can I set them up for success now? So when it’s time to go to the beach, when it’s time to go to the lake, when it’s time to meet a friend at the park, I don’t have to. All right, let me go pack the bag. Let me go find the thing. Let me get all the snacks. The other thing that you can do that would help you also, though, is, is creating a system. You know, I talked about standard operating procedures in my business, but I have them in my home too. So what you could do is you can make a park checklist for yourself on your phone in Trello, in Canva, whatever. What are all the things you want to remember when you go to the park? And I the other day we did a memorial day parade for Girl Scouts, and this is our third year doing it, and I had spray fans and all these sorts of things, and one of the little girls looked at me and she’s like, miscarry, you are so prepared for this.

*Cara Harvey * (00:18:38) – And I was like, oh, this is my third time doing it, not my first rodeo. And each year I make a list and I add things I wish I remembered. I wish we had bought more candy. I wish we had dog biscuits. That was one of the things to share. Dog biscuits to give to the dogs. I write these things down for myself. So can you write down for yourself? You know. Hey, we’re going to the beach. Let me pull up the beach list so I don’t have to think. One of the best ways to protect your energy is to create systems in your life. So that when it’s time to do the thing, you don’t have to think from the beginning. This is our first year camping. When I’m recording this, we haven’t gone camping yet, but when it airs, we’ve gone camping, so I’ve never camped. We’re tent camping, we’ve never done it. So I have a ton of camping stuff right over there in my office and looking at I have checklists from friends.

*Cara Harvey * (00:19:18) – I’m going to be making lists so that the next time we go camping it is easy. I don’t have to think about what we have to do this time is mentally draining, because I have to think so much about what has to happen. Whatever you can do to find outings and make them enjoyable and not exhausting is going to really help you out this summer. When it comes to the energy. The other thing I just want to encourage before we kind of close today, is asking for help when you need. When you’re feeling drained or burnt out or touched out, or fill in the blank word here this summer, where can you lean into a village? Now? I say this from a privileged place of I have a village, right? My mother in law is about half hour away. My mom comes down once a month. I have a lot of friends I can lean into if I need help with my kids. So I also want to acknowledge that not everyone has this. But is there somewhere in your church you know friends that you have, can you swap out for some time? So one of the things I’ve done is I have a friend that works from home, and we had scheduled it where not every week, but once a month we’re going to swap where I’ll take her kids for three hours.

*Cara Harvey * (00:20:14) – She’ll take mine for three hours just to have some quiet time to work. I have other friends that are home this summer with their kids who have said, hey, you know, if you need your kid to come over. I used to feel some type of way about this. Like I didn’t want to ask for help, but I realized that the best way for me to boost my energy and get that energy high is to have that quiet space to get work done, so that I’m not thinking about work all the time. Because do you know what’s actually exhausting? The mental labor that goes into going through? But I didn’t do this yet. I didn’t do this yet. I have to record this podcast. I need you to get this thing for my team. I have to make this social media post. That’s exhausting, right? So one of the other things that I’m doing, and this can help you for the rest of summer, but not the first half, is batch recording. It’s me.

*Cara Harvey * (00:20:51) – I’m recording all my episodes. My goal is by June 7th, all of the summer is completely recorded y, so that during the summer I can conserve my energy, work on the things that need to get done when my kids are home and not feel drained and exhausted because I’m constantly thinking about what has to get done. So what can you do now? What can you batch ahead? What can you prepare? And you’re like, oh, I knew we were gonna come back to batching. We started talking about something else. It’s always back to batching because it works, friends. So what can you prepare now to get the rest of the summer to be easier? Can you make a meal plan for the rest of the summer? Bulk shop and freezer meal prep? That’s what I did. I did I have a bunch of crockpot meals in my freezer. I’m not thinking about dinner. It’s all prepped. It’s ready to go, right? Can I do a bulk shop to buy certain things? If we know we’re hosting a party? If we’re going on vacation.

*Cara Harvey * (00:21:33) – Can I do? Like Cara said, make that camping list or that packing list for the leak. Things like that. I want you to enjoy your summer, but it’s tiring when you’re the mom and you’re in charge all the time and everyone’s depending on you and meals. What can you make? Simple. Okay. Can you have more of a snack box? Have you seen the TikTok snack boxes? We bought one for lunches. This is what we do a lot because my kids are swimming at the pool this summer. We have a pool and so instead of worrying about making lunch, I’ll fill the snack box with a bunch of stuff. I’ll stick it up by the pool. They know they can’t eat in the pool. Cool. If you want to come out and snack so that they’re not running in my house trying to get a snack, they’re not asking snacks are there ready to go? Ask yourself, what is draining my energy right now? For me it was meals and how can I make it easier? Enjoy the rest of your summer.

*Cara Harvey * (00:22:16) – Know that yes, things have to get done. Yes, people need you. You know the demand is high, but you also deserve some time to take a break, to read your book, to skip some sunshine, to do the things that you enjoy. So set yourself up for success. You can go and see the show notes over at a Purpose drive romcom slash podcast for 12, where we’ve got some other resources. And again, please leave us a review or share this episode if it helps. I will see you next week on the podcast or if you’re watching on YouTube, have a really, really great day! Thanks so much for listening to this episode of The Purpose Driven Mom Show. If this episode served you in any way, we would really appreciate it if you headed over to wherever you listen to podcast, hit that five star and leave a review and a rating. That’s how more moms can find us and we can grow our community. If you had a tip or an Make sure you come over and tag me at a Purpose Driven Mom on Instagram and share it with your friends.

*Cara Harvey * (00:23:05) – The best way for us to get this message out there of less hustle and less shame and more intentionality, is for you to share it with people you know need to hear it. Thanks for listening. We appreciate you and I can’t wait to connect with you more outside of the podcast.

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