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Episode 413

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Are you a busy mom who wants to stay on track with goals during the summer months? In this episode of the Purpose Driven Mom Show, Cara addresses the common struggle of sticking to personal goals amidst the summer fun with family. 

Cara provides some advice on how to stay focused on goals and be realistic with them. It is important to think about the goals you want to set, what will be taking place during the summer and how those can work in unison. For example, if you want to focus on decluttering this summer, focus on what can actually get done. Don’t make a goal to declutter your whole house if the schedule does not provide the flexibility to do that. Take things one step at a time and focus on what can get done.

Accountability is a large part of goal setting and achieving what you want to accomplish. Planning out your goals keeps you accountable to yourself. If you just say in your head you are going to do something, it is easy to not accomplish it. If it is written down in a planner, especially in a time block, you feel organized and committed to that task. Don’t leave your goals up to chance!

Take a listen to learn more on goal setting during the summer.


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Episode Highlights:

01:02 The challenges of managing summer activities and routines for her family and how it impacts her goals.

05:25 The challenge of managing goals amidst summer activities and the importance of flexibility in planning.

09:19 The need for realistic goal setting and shares her own summer decluttering goals as an example.

16:37 The importance of maintaining motivation, setting boundaries, and involving family and friends in supporting goals

18:56 The importance of enrolling family in individual goals and balancing personal and family activities during the summer

19:41 Persist in pursuing summer goals, even if not achieved on schedule. Speaker also promotes the podcast and community growth

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Transcript: How to Not Ignore Your Goals This Summer

Cara Harvey (00:00:03) – Welcome to the Purpose Driven Moms show here at A Purpose Driven Mom, we believe that it’s possible to manage your home, work on your personal goals, and grow and scale an online business. Most productivity tips out there tell you to hustle more and make you feel shame about not being motivated enough. And we’re here to dispel this myth. I’m Kara Harvey and I am on a mission to help work at home. Moms realize that they have the power to go after their dreams, take care of themselves, and manage their home without perfectionism, guilt, or having to sacrifice their sleep. If you’re ready to shift your thinking around productivity and get some practical tips to help you manage your mom life, toss your earbuds in while you fold the laundry. And let’s do this! Welcome to the purpose of our Mom Show, episode 413. We are going to talk today about how do you not ignore your goals this summer? It is, I think, 4th of July week ish when this is airing. So no matter when your kids ended school, you’re either like six weeks into summer or your summer is kicking off.

Cara Harvey (00:01:02) – I know I went to school in Jersey as a kid and we always got done like the end of June, and we didn’t even start till after Labor Day. Interestingly, my kids start in August in Pennsylvania and we end in early June, and I know people in the South and Texas, like you all have different days. So no matter where you’re at in the summer, we’re all here, right? Like we’re all officially in summer. So I want to talk today about you. We’ve been talking a lot about routines. We’ve been talking a lot about the family. We’ve been talking a lot about how do we kind of keep things flowing for them. Can we pause today? And we’re going to do an episode on your goals and the things you wanted. Because here’s the thing. At the beginning of the quarter, at the beginning of the year, if you did our simple summer challenge, you made goals for yourself and you made goals on how to work on the goals that make sense to you and at what level.

Cara Harvey (00:01:53) – And now reality has sunk in. Okay, June for me is actually pretty quote unquote easy schedule wise because my kids had school one week and camp two weeks. Okay. So they had one week off of school, no school, no camp. We went away. We went camping for the weekend, for a long week. so it was only a few days. So while our schedule was disrupted, it wasn’t huge. Now fast forward to July. I was able to keep a really good structured routine, some rhythms, work on some goals, have fun with my kids. All that in June. July is very different for us because my kids are only at camp for one week in July and it is a half week, so they go to a 9 to 12 camp, we do a VBS, then we go away for vacation. We do a family reunion with my husband’s family every single summer. this year we’re going to Tennessee. It’s going to be super fun. So we’re going away. That’s actually next weekend.

Cara Harvey (00:02:43) – As of airing, this will be going away Friday through Wednesday because we’re taking an extended trip. And then my kids were supposed to be at camp, and my son has to have surgery this summer. And so we made the decision that for those two last weeks in July, we’re going to kind of do no camp for the kids. My daughter is going to get to go to some activities, but my son will be home because he’ll be in recovery. That changes things for me. All right. Looking into August, my kids kind of have a similar schedule. My daughter has a one week of camp, my son has a half a week of camp and that is it. Then we go on vacation. So things are starting to get disrupted, right? Like here is where the rubber is going to meet the road. So I feel like I’m doing this episode for future Cara more than anyone else, because right now I’m like, oh, kids are still in school. I’m recording this in early June.

Cara Harvey (00:03:28) – It’ll be fine, but I know what’s going to happen. I’m going to pause to invite you to something brand new we’re doing here at TPM, and that is the very first in-person, Purpose Driven Mom conference. September 28th and 29th. I am hosting an event right here in Philadelphia that you can attend where we can be together live. The goal of this conference is to help you decide what dreams you want to work on, what goals matter to you, and to really embrace the person you are now in motherhood. We’re going to spend time mapping out the end of your year, creating time blocks for you to work on these dreams and goals. And I have three incredible guest speakers coming to help you embrace and love your mom life journey and go after your goals and dreams. This event is been on my heart for years, and if you go to a purpose driven romcom slash conference, you can hear and read all about it. And I want to let you know that this event will sell out. We will be capping around 60 attendees, so as soon as it sells out, it is done.

Cara Harvey (00:04:30) – I want you to head to a purpose driven rom com slash conference, or check out the Shownotes for the link and come join us in Philadelphia. We are going to have the most incredible experience. It is in September. You have enough time to plan to make it happen, to tell a friend, we cannot wait to see you at the Purpose Driven Mom conference and have some in real life time together again. That’s September 28th and 29th, and you can go to a purpose driven Rom-com conference to learn more. I know that things are going to be disrupted. Plans are going to change. I’m actually working on this with my therapist. So I will share with you. Like being flexible, I love to make plans for certain reasons. A lot of it is so that I can be proactive about things. Some of it is because I struggle with some high functioning anxiety, and I will like over plan things to a state that I’m learning might not be the healthiest. So what do we do here? What do we do when things need to go with the flow and you don’t have enough time for your goals? Okay.

Cara Harvey (00:05:25) – So like let’s start with what’s actually the challenge. Like I mentioned it summer activities vacations right. Double edged sword. On one hand we’re making great memories. We’re having so much fun. But they throw a wrench in a lot of the routines that you’ve been trying to stick with. If I had a decluttering goal and I was working on it three days a week, and then all of a sudden those three days a week that I was working on it were taken for me, right? Because my kids are home and my schedule looks different, my brain struggles. How do how do I marry? Working on my goal? How do I find time for work? It’s one of the reasons proactive planning is such a big part of what I teach. I’m recording all of my podcast episodes right. Today is what is it, June 4th? This is coming out a month later. I’m recording it now so that I don’t have to worry about it and I can get a little bit ahead, but I still need to work.

Cara Harvey (00:06:14) – Okay, maybe you’ve created this beautiful morning routine, like during the school year, right? You know what it’s like I think about your life right now. And while, yes, you fight about the shoes and who’s cleaning up breakfast, you’ve got to flow. And now you’re going to go on a routine. It’s going to get disrupted, right? You don’t have access to things like maybe you have a workout routine. So this is real time. I again, this is like it’s interesting batching ahead because I haven’t gone yet. But when I go camping next week, I want to stick with my fitness routines. I have been lifting. I’m working with a coach. I want to stick on my exercises. So I do need to find a gym because I need weights for two days. Now we’re tent camping. I’m not bringing my weights with me, so what do I do? I might not have access to a gym now. I look the camera I’m going to do it does have a gym, okay? Or maybe I just don’t even have time to do my actual workout.

Cara Harvey (00:06:57) – So how do I quote? Go with the flow but also stay focused on my goals? Okay, even things like I want to take my kids to the beach next week. We want to go to the amusement park. We want to go meet friends at the the playground. It can disrupt things. It disrupts our meals and our sleep schedules and our personal time moms. That’s what we’re talking about today. Personal time. How do we manage it? Okay, one key is flexibility. Which pot kettle black. Here I struggle as well. But we’re going to talk about that today. We’re also going to talk about how we can create and proactively plan and hold ourselves accountable. All right. So we’re going to have a couple things coming in. But I know that you feel me right? I know that you know that you have goals you want to work on this summer. And you’re feeling like maybe they’re starting to get ignored. Maybe, you know, you get to the end of the day. You’re like, and listen, it’s been really hot.

Cara Harvey (00:07:45) – We have a pool. Yesterday I was like, I don’t want to do anything. I said to my husband. I was like, I just want to go outside and sit by the pool with my kids, like they’re in the pool. I want to be in the pool, but the laundry still needed to be folded. We had our last day for Girl Scouts. I needed to finish printing some certificates and getting some stuff ready. I had to get stuff packed for camping. I was like, oh right. There’s that drudgery of like, mom needs to do this. When do I get to relax? So so let’s talk about that today. Let’s talk about how we can marry flexibility, intentionality together so that you can work on your goals while enjoying the summer. Okay, I’m going to show notes. So they’re going to be over at a purpose driven romcom. So let’s podcast for one three. If you didn’t know, you can click the little button on your player if you’re on Apple. I don’t know about Spotify, but I know Apple does it.

Cara Harvey (00:08:27) – Now if you want a transcript, I we don’t look at them, so I talk pretty fast. We’ll see how good the transcript is or if you’re on YouTube we have captions. So if you want any of those resources come and check us out. So let’s let’s dive in. Now how are you going to go this summer and not ignore your goals while also enjoying the time? Let’s talk about it okay. So one of the first things I’m going to say is I want to make sure that your goals for the summer are realistic. If you made goals for yourself and you’re already seeing them get thrown off, ask yourself, does this make sense? Okay, so a couple summer goals I have. I have a decluttering goal. And the reason I picked it was because there’s just stuff everywhere. I want to clean less, and if I have less stuff, then I have to clean around less things. That’s like my my thought process here. Plus, I know I have tons of stuff somewhere and because my kids are home, I want to be able to be like, I know I have sidewalk chalk, where is the sidewalk chalk? Right? So I have a decluttering goal for myself that feels realistic.

Cara Harvey (00:09:19) – What would it be realistic for me and it might be for you if you have the time. But I don’t is saying I’m going to declutter my whole house this summer. I used to do that. I’d be like, I could do my whole house in 12 weeks, do a different room every single week. And I actually have done that. I’ve succeeded in that in past years. But this summer I don’t want to do that because I don’t want to constantly having to work on other goals right where I’m like, I want to be at the pool with my kids, but I do want to work on something. So I have set a realistic goal for myself of I picked my office, which I wanted to get done, my kids rooms so that we can get set up for. Or the school year. And I picked a third room, which is like our we call it the gray room because it’s gray. That’s it. Like in my house, we have the gray room. We have the it’s the teal room now, but it used to be the red room because the couch was red, which is a story for another day.

Cara Harvey (00:10:09) – My husband had it from like bachelor pad days, and I finally got him to get rid of that red. That red couch is terrible. So anyway, the gray room is our quote unquote playroom where some of the kids toys are. Most of my kids toys are in their room, but it’s where we watch TV together and stuff like that, games, etc. so those are the three rooms I picked. It was a realistic for me because those were high impact rooms that I knew we were going to be in, and it would bring me ease, which is my word of the summer, word of the year, to spend some time there. Also. It wasn’t I’m going to do every room in my house that wasn’t realistic. So are your summer goals realistic? If your summer goals are realistic, then you will be setting yourself up for success. It was hard for me to say setting yourself up for success moving forward, because the plan isn’t too tight. I like to teach intentionality and flexibility. You need some urgency, but you also need flexibility because you’re a human and things are going to happen.

Cara Harvey (00:11:02) – All right. So one is look at your goals are the realistic. The second thing about kind of setting these realistic goals is having a more flexible schedule. I do structure my time and time blocking. You can go back. There’s tons of episodes on time blocking, but I have made sure that in my time blocked week I have a few things. One is absolute white space where I have nothing. When I made my planner for June, July, August and we did this in the simple Summer planning challenge. And you know what? If you want access to that, I realize it’s like probably still available to buy. I think if you go to a purpose driven romcom slash summer planning 24, we didn’t take the page down so you could buy it as $27. You’ll get all the replays. So if you’re like, I didn’t get to do that, go to a purpose driven romcom slash Summer planning 24. It’ll be in the show notes if you want or swipe up, you can see the link if you want to go through the challenge.

Cara Harvey (00:11:52) – There’s four days of videos that you can watch. It just obviously isn’t live now, but in it I show you how to go through and put all your dates on the calendar so you can look at it. When I looked at June, it was still really busy for us. So between going to camps, which again is just fun for my kids, but they’re still doing something we had and other activities. There was one day we had one Saturday where there was nothing on the calendar. So I told my husband, we’re keeping this. I’m not scheduling anything and I’m not planning anything, because while going to camp is fun for my kids for the day, while the stuff that we have planned, we’re sleeping overnight on the baseball field. Oh, they’re fun. I want to have a nothing day. I want to make sure we have one nothing day a month minimum, whether we’re not going to the park and we’re just chilling in our house and doing those things. Now again, we have afternoons.

Cara Harvey (00:12:35) – My kids will go to camp 9 to 3, and then they have from 3 to 9 where we’re home chilling. It’s not like their go, go, go all the time, but there’s something for me magical about having that one nothing day. So I plan that flexibility in and I commit to myself and my family, so we’re not putting anything there. We were going to sign my son up for Ninja Warrior. He does Ninja Warrior, and at this moment I have not. Registration opened this weekend and I still haven’t signed him up. So I’m proud of myself. But and I still don’t think I’m going to. But he wants to do another round. And I said no, because I don’t want to be sitting at the pool and be like, oh, we gotta get in the car and drive the Ninja. I want us to have more freedom now. My daughter will have cheer this summer. That’s kind of one of those non-negotiables. And my son will start football in August. But for June and July, I was like, can we make it light? Like, can we have it light? So I’m intentional.

Cara Harvey (00:13:16) – I told my husband that, and he said to me, he’s like, I’m going to remind you. I said, please remind me on a pause really quickly to invite you to an absolutely free workshop I am hosting called From Dream to Reality. It is a mom Preneur Business Planning Absolutely free webinar, and it’s going to teach you how to use the planning pathway framework to figure out how to break down your business goals and make your business dreams a reality. You go to a purpose driven, romcom slash dream to reality so that you can get your seat and the replay in case you can’t attend. What we’re going to be covering in this time is talking through your business idea how you can take it from in your head something you’re thinking about to actual creation. The Planning Pathway framework talks about who you want to help and what this looks like, where this fits into your goals. Hey, maybe you want to have a podcast this year. Write a book. Start a new course. Where should you put that in your year? We’re also going to get how it’s going to happen and talk about the breakdown of the goals, and then what it’s going to look like when it all comes together.

Cara Harvey (00:14:15) – In this free workshop, I’m going to teach you this framework. So whether you’re somebody who has a business who’s been trying to figure out how to make it work, how to monetize it, you’re going to want to attend, or if you’re somebody who’s thinking you might want to start a business in 2024, I’m going to invite you to come attend this free workshop where you can learn how to take your business dream from inside your head to making it a reality and creating a plan. Go to a purpose driven romcoms. Dream to reality to get your absolute free seat. Before we kick off, the other thing that I do, in order to make sure I have time for my goals, is I create a thought catcher block where I know that I’m going to do last minute tasks. So when the laundry pops up that I forgot I needed to wash the sheets. I’m not saying. Oh well, I was going to go work on my decluttering goal. Now instead of fold laundry, I’m saying, nope, laundry is going in the thought catcher.

Cara Harvey (00:15:00) – The other thing I want to encourage you for going after your goals is making sure you’re pre scheduling when they’re going to happen. Don’t just say, I’m going to work out today. Don’t just say I’m going to record a podcast episode. Don’t just say, I’m going to work on this sales page or I’m going to do my meal planning. Go into your planner and use my time blogging method and say, which time block is it happening now? Again, flexibility. You’re not going to say at 932 I am going to make my meal plan. You’re going to say between the hours of nine and 12 or didn’t say, I’m going to give myself time to work on this meal plan. So I’ve got flexibility. I’ve got a three hour span to do it, but I want it done by then. This allows me to work focused on my goals. I’m not leaving it up to chance. I’m not saying at some point today I’m going to work out. I’m saying in this block I will do these things, okay.

Cara Harvey (00:15:47) – The other thing that I do recommend is tracking and having some accountability for your goals this summer. This will help you stay focused. I use Trello to track. I have some other systems like a good paper chart. Give myself some stickers to remind yourself I said I was going to show up and here’s what I’m going to show up. You also are going to want some accountability and a support system. So let’s talk about that a little bit. Let’s talk about maintaining motivation because we don’t always feel motivated I know I don’t I always say like I’m driven. I’m a very driven person. I’m just not always motivated. So having accountability this summer doors are closed currently to the Purpose Driven Mom Club. But if you head to a Purpose Driven mom.com/club, you’ll see the waitlist and an application you can fill out for the next time that we open. The moms that joined us for the summer cohort I know are feeling motivated because they have the support. They have people to check in with. They have buddies and systems and tools.

Cara Harvey (00:16:37) – Find partners and groups. Involve your family and friends and your goals. Say, hey, mommy has a goal of being on her phone less. If you see me on phone during lunch, remind me to put it away or I have a goal. One of my goals is I wanted to take a hike every every week as a family. So if we haven’t gone on a hike and it’s getting to the weekend, let me know. Like, you know, help me out. The other thing that is important is making sure you have that big picture vision, right? I always say your Y isn’t the only thing, but it’s a part of it. It’s part of your plan. So know why you want to achieve that goal. Why did I want to declutter this summer? I talked through my vision with you because I want it to be easy to find things. I know that I have activities, my kids can do things like that and then also celebrate your small wins. Reward yourself. Hey, I said I was going to work out three times this week if I hit my workout on my chart and I’ve tracked it, then I’m going to go treat myself to a Starbucks or whatever it is.

Cara Harvey (00:17:27) – Make sure you’re celebrating the success because it is challenging to work on your goals in the summer when your kids are home. As a busy mom, it’s just hard to do, but you are capable of doing it right. The other thing that’s going to help, though, is setting some boundaries. I really encourage you to have a be a formal family meeting, but a conversation with your people and say, this is the goal mommy has for the summer. Let’s talk the workout I work out in the mornings. I like to work out before the day starts. Otherwise I really struggle to get it done. It’s me time. I enjoy that. I don’t want my kid interrupting like it is the time I want. Do my kids come in the gym? In the office, gym office to work out with me? Sometimes? Yes. So here’s where my flexibility and my structure coming together. We had a meeting and a meeting. I sat with my kids and I said, listen, mommy’s going to work out in the morning, just like during the school year.

Cara Harvey (00:18:15) – Some days when you have camp, you still have to get up and do the things you have to get done. But on the days you don’t have camp, mommy still wants to work out in the morning. All right, so when mommy’s working out, I really need the space for myself. What are some things you could be doing? Okay, this is when my kids get tech. To be honest, I let them watch TV because then they leave me alone, and I can work out. But you make it for you now. My son likes to work at my daughter, so I’m strong. If my kids ever do want to come in and work out with me. Is it annoying? Yes. Do I let them do it? Yes, because I think it’s important to model that for them and spend the time with them. But there are some days where I just need I need to go for a run and I want to go outside. So I say to my husband, after you get home from work, I’m going for a run tonight by myself.

Cara Harvey (00:18:56) – It’s important to realize what your boundaries are, figure them out, communicate them with your people, but also enroll your family into your goals. I know you have goals and things you want to accomplish this summer. Don’t give up on them because it’s summer. Okay, so don’t say, oh well, I’m just not going to do it because we’re home and I want to be flexible. I want to be flexible too. I’m going to work on my tan. I’m going to read a ton of books. I’m going to have downtime and work on some crafts, but also write. It’s not an either or. It’s a but and but I also am going to work on my goals for work. I’m also going to work on my personal goals. I can have both. They just look a little different during the school year. It’s heavy goals, heavy work, heavy goals, heavy work. In the summer, I want it to be heavy family, heavy family, heavy self-care. Those are important things to me.

Cara Harvey (00:19:41) – So what does it look like for you? Whatever goal you set for yourself this summer, I want you to go after it. Don’t give up if you haven’t achieved it in June. If you’re like, It’s July. I set out in June. I was gonna declutter the office and I didn’t. Okay, what can that look? Like for you. The next month, show notes are going to be at a purpose driven romcom cast for one three. Head over and check out share this episode if it helped, and please go leave a five star rating or review if you enjoyed it. Those ratings and reviews really help us get the word out to other moms can find us. Thank you again! Have a great summer and I will chat with you next week. Thanks so much for listening to this episode of The Purpose Driven Mom Show. If this episode served you in any way, we would really appreciate it if you headed over to wherever you listen to podcast. Hit that five star and leave a review and a rating.

Cara Harvey (00:20:30) – That’s how more moms can find us and we can grow our community. If you had a tip or an Make sure you come over and tag me at a Purpose Driven Mom on Instagram and share it with your friends. The best way for us to get this message out there of less hustle and less shame and more intentionality, is for you to share it with people you know need to hear it. Thanks for listening. We appreciate you and I can’t wait to connect with you more outside of the podcast.


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