Getting out the door will be a breeze with these tips


Guest Post by Kimberly Poteat of Happy Mommy, Tired Mommy.


It is back to school season. Early mornings and late nights for parents and maybe some kids. Depending on their homework load. I have gathered some quick tips for parents and children to make getting ready the next day and getting out the door on time a little easier.

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 morning routine

Kids organization


A week worth of Clothes


Lay your clothes out for the whole week. This saves a bunch of time with getting ready. Sometimes it takes time to find the perfect outfit. If you get it ready ahead of time though you won’t spend half the morning just on your outfit, or the kids won’t either.


The Night Before


Have their backpacks ready so they don’t forget their homework.


Put Shoes and backpacks by the door. If they are by the door, you pass them on your way out so there is no forgetting backpacks or shoes.




Bathrooms can get chaotic in the mornings. Why not set everything out like their toothbrush, hairbrush, anything else they might need.



Of course, the parents have a longer list of ideas than kids. We have a lot more responsibilities. Do not forget the milk!


Make a weekly list and reminders


If you cannot remind your kids to get their clothes out for the whole week on Sunday, write yourself a note or put it in your phone as an alarm reminder. There are a ton of list apps out there where you can set a time a date to alert you.


Prepare breakfast and lunches the night before


If you are having cereal, set the box out on the table and bowls then in the morning all you have to do is grab the milk. If you want a little more substance to your meals, you could make a breakfast casserole and stick it in the fridge and bake it right when you get up. When everyone is getting ready it will be done in time so everyone can have a nice breakfast together.



Write out a calendar and set reminders of special events or kids activities to stay up to date with them.


You can have some fun with your calendar make it color coded or get stickers to match your events like footballs for little league or ballet shoes.



Get coffee ready for in the morning


Set a timer on your coffee machine so you can have it ready by the time you get up. Or make it at night if you like iced coffee. Stick it in the fridge for later.


Get up a little earlier so everyone does not feel rushed


Set an alarm 10 minutes before you want to get up give you time to wake up before heading off to do your daily tasks. I know most people dread getting up early even earlier than they are used to.  It can change how your morning goes tremendously. It is amazing how much you can get done with an extra hour or thirty minutes.


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