Using Diaper Doublers to Save Your Sleep


“This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sposie Booster Pads, the number one brand in diaper doublers. All opinions are entirely my own.”


Overnight diaper leaks were tormenting me for months and I was ready to find a way to stop them from waking up my son! We had used overnight diapers before but they didn’t always stop from leaks and nighttime wake ups. It wasn’t until we found diaper doublers that we were able to get a good night sleep!


Tell me if this sounds familiar…


You finally make it to bedtime, and plop in a chair, ready to do your ‘mom tasks’ before bed.


You jump into your bed ready to doze off and, an hour or two later, you hear crying from the other room.


You go and grab the baby and put your hand on a super wet bottom and soaked sheets.


You groan because you know, that if the diaper had done its job, you would have probably gotten a ton more sleep.

Yup. I’ve been there too.


Like any mom, I love when my kids sleep through the night. But for a while, my sleep was getting interrupted by diaper leaks and crying littles. And, since my kids share a bedroom, my 1 year old waking up meant that my 2 year old would be up as well. We were caught in a cycle of no sleep and it felt like we were in newborn land again!


I had the same problem with my daughter, who didn’t sleep through the night until about 13 months. I got lucky with my son who, around 5 months, was sleeping through the night until the leaks started.


Luckily, we decided to fix up our bedtime routine to a system that worked for us AND the kids and finally helped stop having to change diapers and sheets in the middle of the night!




No drinks before bedtime


This was one of the first things we started to implement once we began potty training but for some reason, I never even thought about doing it with my younger son.


I made sure his last nursing session was at least 30-60 minutes before bed and he had no water after dinner. Giving your child’s body time to adjust and get any pee out BEFORE bed is key!


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Bath and Diaper Change


In full transparency, we give our kids baths every other night but, I find on the days we do give them a bath before bed, they definitely go to bed faster.


I know some parents who start their bath and pajama routine super early but I completely suggest waiting until the last possible moment. You want to get them changed and in a fresh diaper right before bed so that they don’t even have the chance to wet it before hand.


There have been times where I changed the kids about an hour before bed and yup… my son would wet his diaper before we even read our book.


Even with this tips and our bedtime routine being smoother, I found that he was still having leaks overnight. I tried to size up a diaper (which may work for some) but it still wasn’t enough to hold it all in.


So luckily, I came across Sposie pads and thought I’d give them a try. Sposie pads are INCREDIBLE mamas! They look a little bit like feminine pads and are designed to fit right inside a regular or overnight diaper.





And get this… they absorb 8 oz of wetness BEFORE it even hits the diaper! It’s your first line of defense when it comes to extending the amount of time your diaper will not leak! They are also meant for boys and girls which means one pack works for both my littles! And yes mama… you can use them on cloth diapers too!


I was pretty nervous about 1. Whether they would work or 2. If they’d give him a rash. We all pretty sensitive skin over here and I noticed that certain diapers give him a rash. Luckily Sposie pads are hypoallergenic and we had no rash! There is nothing worse than a poor little baby with diaper rash!


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Quiet time and predictable bedtime routine for infants


After we get all the kiddos ready for bed, I highly recommend a super predictable routine with them. My kids now know what to expect, my 1 year old will start to fuss as soon as we get to prayer because he knows it’s just about time, and it helps them sleep better and decrease pre-bed anxiety.


We spend about 10 minutes in quiet play, which mostly looks like blocks or manipulatives. My daughter loves to run around but we try to make sure that is done BEFORE we head upstairs. Once we get upstairs, she’s reminded we’re in ‘quiet play’ zone which helps them both get ready for bed. And since they share a room, we want to make sure they are both ready at the same time.


Play is followed by 1-2 (okay more like 3-4) books and prayer, which is one of my favorite parts of the day. My daughter is in the stage where she can repeat most of the books since we’ve read them so many times and it’s cute watching her read.


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After bed, I check and make sure the baby still has a dry diaper and my daughter heads to the bathroom. She’s completely potty trained during the day but isn’t at the point where we’re in underwear overnight. Her pull ups don’t always hold her so I sometimes will toss a Sposie liner in too! This is great because instead of buying overnight pull-ups, I can turn any diaper or pull-up into a nighttime one. If she gets up over night, she is MUCH harder to get back to bed because she becomes a negotiator and then becomes afraid of the dark room.


Once we’re sure everyone is ready to go, night light goes in, a goodnight song is sung and mommy and daddy get to tiptoe out of the room, collapse in the other room, and sigh that we’ve made it to bedtime! And luckily, we’ve found a great routine and systems that allow us to sleep through the night again!


What are some of your tips for a great bedtime routine? Post them in the comments!



Need any help with overnight leaks??? Head over and snag some Sposies now! You can grab them below on Amazon or at Target or Walmart!

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