How to Find More Time to Get Things Done


Since we have a finite number of hours to get things accomplished, it’s important to have systems and routines that help you get things done.



These don’t always have to be where you spend hours and hour cleaning your home, making elaborate meals or working on your goals.



Sure, these huge chunks of times are helpful but, as a super busy mom, I’ve found that I get more done in the margins of my day and 15 minute chunks than anything else!





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How to Find More Time in the Day

While I know we all think that we truly are maximizing our time, I want to encourage you to start looking for those minutes where you can sneak in a few time saving productive tasks.

This is not to say that you have to always ‘be on’ and doing things - that’s just a recipe for burn out - but start looking at ways you can get small tasks done instead of putting them off.

To start, I encourage you to do a time inventory for 3-4 days (or a week if you can!). This is where you literally write down every single thing you’re doing and the time it takes you to do it.

Spend 30 minutes folding and putting away laundry? Write it down!

Scrolling Pinterest for a dinner recipe for 10 minutes? Track it!

Commuting to and from work for an hour a day? Mark it on your sheet!

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Writing down and doing a detailed time inventory will help you see a few things. First, it’ll show you where the bulk of your time is spent (obviously). After you see this, ask yourself “is this where my top priority lies?” Because if not, you might need to move some things around!

Now I know we can’t always change work or school schedules but if one of your top 3 priorities is your children and you spend more time doing housework then with them, it’s time to make some shifts.

The second thing you’ll learn from a time inventory is where you can delegate, where you are wasting time and places you can sneak in small and mindless tasks.

I bet that you’ll find that there are moments in your day being wasted (like when you’re commuting) that you could fill with phone calls (hands-free of course!), listening to audiobooks or talking intentionally with your kids. You’ll also find time where you truly could sneak in minutes to get your housework done, easy emails written, or short tasks completed.

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Using Small Pockets of Your Day to Get More Done


Once you’ve identified where you might be wasting time (either doing things you have to do or just letting time pass you), the next thing to do is to tell your time what to do!



I like to use what’s called ‘microwave minutes’. Since we’re all standing at the microwave at some point, instead of using those minutes to scroll your social media feed, you could use them to do small tasks.



Every time I’m at the microwave waiting I do one of a few tasks that I’ve discovered I can squeeze in throughout the day. These types of tasks could be things like putting a few dishes away from the dishwasher, folding some laundry, or answering an email or two.



We often think that because we can’t do everything in one shot or spend a long time doing a project that we can’t even get some work done at all. If you have 25 thank you cards to write, why not spend time writing one out every time you’re at the microwave? By the end of a few weeks you’ll have them all finished, the tasks will be done and not overwhelming, and you wouldn’t have had to take anytime from your busy schedule to get it done.



Stop having an all or nothing mentality and get done what you can! We have more time than we realize!


Time Management Tips from Experts


This year the team at Ultimate Bundles put together an incredible productivity bundle! The resources are INCREDIBLE and perfect for women who want to get more done! It’s full of ebooks, planners and courses (including our course Organize Your Life with Trello!)  


If you’re reading this during February, they have also come out with a FREE e-book that will help you discover how to get more done in the margins! Head over here and grab your copy while it lasts!  



Free Productivity eBook

Here are some snippets and my favorite tips from some of the contributing bloggers!



“I keep a master list of all the things I need to get done but aren’t a high enough priority to be scheduled into the day. When I find some free time, I tackle one of these. If I can’t get motivated to do one of the tasks, I’ll spend time reading or message a friend.” Corinne from Wondermom Wannabe  



“I use small pockets of free time to read! I love to read and I have the Kindle app on my phone so I always have a book with me.” Cassandra from Mom Choose Joy  



“I keep a running list of 10-minute tasks I can accomplish in the margins. (I’m currently Mom to a toddler, so this is key!) I might use a small pocket to post on Instagram, or I might unload the dishwasher. I might pick just one room to vacuum, or I might check the grocery list for the week. Tidying is a great 10-minute task, and if I do it quickly, it’s a mini workout that gives me a burst of energy for my next big thing. I also love listening to podcasts, online courses, and audiobooks while I’m driving, cooking dinner, or doing household chores. You can learn so much while you’re doing manual labor of some sort, and I’ve listened to over a hundred books and at least 20 online courses this way!” - Beth Anne from Brilliant Business Moms  



“I am often most productive with housework during those small pockets of time. It’s amazing what you can get done in 5-10 minute increments. Other times, I use those moments to text friends to check in with them or do nothing and enjoy peace, stillness, and rest”Julianna from The Simplicity Habit  



And I love this last one from Laura of I Heart Planners   “I try to spend little pockets of time throughout the day really connecting with my loved ones instead of trying to get one more thing checked off my to do list. I snuggle with my kids, read them a book, or I turn on the music and we have a mini dance party - that one is a bonus because it also gets us some exercise.”  



If you want more tips on how to get more done in the margins, productivity tips from the experts and tips on taking care of you, head over and grab this free EBook with over 175+ pages of tips! (But hurry! You only have until February 11th!) 



And if you are really ready to take it to the next level, grab my course (a $47 value) and a TON of others in this year’s productivity bundle!  Click here to check it out! 




Conquer your to do list - reach your goals!

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