Subscription Boxes for the Family

With the holidays approaching I have been on the hunt for some great gifts for the kids and subscription boxes seemed great for the whole family.

We do four gifts for each of the kids (you can read about why and how that works for us HERE) and I really want those gifts to be meaningful, have a great experience, and not just be another toy that gets played with for a few minutes and then is forgotten about for a while.

subscription boxes for family

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I started researching subscription boxes because I was seeing them pop up all over my Facebook newsfeed.

Subscription boxes are themed boxes that come to your home each month (though you can change preferences if you don’t want them as frequently) so you can try new things that might interest you. They have them for clothes, fitness, snacks, comic books, sports, makeup…..You name it!

The one hold up I had with subscription boxes was the cost. If you’ve been following me a bit you know one of my main goals is to become debt-free to that we can help give to others and spending anywhere from $15-$50 a month on something a month didn’t seem up my alley.

But, the more I researched the more I realized that almost everyone had a variety of prices and actually would be stuff that we would use or provide a great experience.

This year for Christmas, I am planning to get a family subscription box or even one as a gift for the kids individually so there is something special for them that comes in the mail each month.

The way that I am figuring this out in my budget is to decrease from other areas that I already save.

For example, each kid already gets $50 spending money each month in our personal budget so I can use the money that I would have spent on toys they probably would forget about to put towards this.

We also have a budget line item for ‘fun’ so I can take from that line item to pay for it. If I plan to do this again next Christmas, I plan to backward plan how much I might spend and start saving for it now so that next year, I have the whole year saved up already. I also plan to send some of these box links to the family when they ask what they could get for the kids instead of just more toys.

TOP Boxes For Kids and Family

Apparently there are a TON of subscription boxes to pick from based on your kid’s age and likes and I spent way longer than I’d care to admit checking them out! Lucky for you, you can just check out this list and go from there! These are the ones I loved the best!

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1. Walt Life

Okay, Disney lovers! This box is for YOU … I mean and your kids :P.

Walt Life has a ton of different options for you with this box. If you’re a Disney pin collector, you can get a monthly pin sent to you starting at just $8!

With the other boxes they offer, you can pick which option you want and how much you want sent to you, so I love this pick your price option!

Ages: Toddler and up!

Cost: $8- $48

Bonus Awesomeness: They have a pop up when you go to their site to get a coupon to save money on your first order! Make sure to check the top bar on their site for a coupon too!

Overall Thoughts: This is a really cool option for the family because it has options for everyone. You can also just get a one time box if you want or just order from their store which is cool if you want to try it out but, you can also cancel easily at any time. This might also be a site to just send your hubby if you’re a Disney lover for your Christmas list!


2. HOOT for kids

I was super pumped when I found this box because so many of the boxes were focused on older toddlers and I wanted to make sure that I didn’t leave Isaiah out! I know that he is super little and probably ‘doesn’t know’ what’s going on but that doesn’t matter to me!

He is part of the family so I want him to join in the fun too! This box has a treasure box of toys, books, and activities sent to you based on your kid’s age and skill development

Ages: Newborn – Toddler

Cost: $24.99 – $34.99 (You also have the option to pay for your boxes in advance and get a bigger discount!)

Bonus Awesomeness: All activities are developed by an occupational therapist who knows what kids should be working on! You can also add things onto your box to send to someone for a birthday or anytime gift.

Overall Thoughts: This is most likely the route I am going to go for gifts for my small people. I love that the activities are planned and developmentally appropriate and that I can get something for Isaiah. This is a great option to send out as a gift to someone so I can see me doing that for baby showers!


3. Faithbox

Faithbox is definitely a great plan if you have older kids or are looking for a gift for yourself or your spouse. Each month you get a box filled with Christian items to fill your cup including books, cards, notebooks, and more!

Ages: 10+

Cost: $22- $25 (you get a discount if you buy the yearly plan)

Bonus Awesomeness: As of right now they even have a Christmas box you can buy to bring Jesus back to the season with your family!

Overall Thoughts: This is a gift I would love .. hint hubby! I could also see this being a great gift for a Christian teenager!


Hope this list helps you pick a unique gift this Christmas (or even for a birthday or just everyday fun with your family) I think anything that brings the family together, away from technology and lets them have fun is awesome!

Do you get any subscription boxes??? Post your favs in the comments!

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