Tot School Week 3

We’ve been doing Tot School for 3 weeks now and it’s going great. We don’t have as much of  a routine as I would like but the goal is to do one school activity each week.

We’re using the ABC Jesus Loves Me curriculum which I love! And even though you can buy the books and worksheets printed, I like having the flexibility to print the ones that I need (also the fact that they are FREE helps!)

Arianna is gets excited when it is ‘school’ time and has loved painting the most. There are some gross motor activities we are supposed to be focusing on this week that we’ve missed, mostly because I keep forgetting to add the games into our day to day so I need to make sure to be more intentional when we start our next unit. 


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Week 3 Themes

Week 3 rounds out this unit and we added a new color to our study! So far we’ve been focusing on RED and BLUE and this week will add in the color YELLOW.

We also continue to work on the shapes of circles and lines, saying ‘please and thank you’, knowing her name, and the letters A-G.

Our creation story also continued and so far we’ve studied

  • Day 1: God Created the Universe
  • Day 2: God Created the Sky
  • Day 3: God Created the Earth
  • Day 4: God Created the Sun, Moon and Stars

At this point, Arianna also knows her entire bible verse, which is so exciting! She won’t always sing the song on command because you know, she’s 2, but she has done it!


We started this week with a Goldfish color sort, which was one of her favorite activities since she just wants snack all the time. This also fit in because we read One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish this week. This color mat is awesome for an activity when you need to do things around the house and in the kitchen. I would recommend laminating it because ours got really dirty and I had to reprint.

For the creation book this week, Arianna added a color sheet of the sun, moon and stars to add to our book. To see the other creation activities, you can always go right to ABCJLM to print or just check out ours from Week 1 and Week 2

Since we were still studying lines, I took spaghetti and glued it to paper to create sensory lines (make sure to do this the night before). I gave her red, blue, and yellow paint to paint with!

To round out October, we created our hand and footprint calendars. This is a great gift idea for next year that you can start now.

Each month, you use their hand and footprints to create a monthly themed image. At the end of the year you can laminate them and turn it into an awesome grandparent gift with a calendar!

For October we made trees and used her hands and feet for leaves!

And since it was Halloween, we picked pumpkins and used out colors to paint them!

All in all, the end of this unit was super fun and festive! We’re taking a few weeks off until starting the next unit due to a busy work project on my plate and starting potty training!   

Are you doing Tot School in your home or have any activities that fit the theme? Post them in the comments!

Tot School Tool of the Week:


Dot a Dot Markers

Want a copy of the color sorting mat for your toddler??? Just drop your best email, and I’ll send it right over!


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