A few years ago, on a 2 hour drive to visit my family, I stumbled across the Love Languages test while scrolling my phone.


I turned to my husband and said “what the heck, wanna take it?”, so we spent some time going through the questions and getting to know each other’s love languages.


Mine is words of affirmation.

His is physical touch.



We spent the rest of the car ride talking about what that looked like for each of us, stuff that makes us feel loved, and how we could make a better effort at speaking each others languages.


Why love languages matter?


Everyone is different, has different needs, and if we treat each relationship the same way we’re bound to hit some brick walls.


When you speak someone’s language, you’ll connect with them better, conversations are easier and it really shows that you care.


Communication is tough in marriage, heck in any relationship and, even though I know my husband’s love language, it doesn’t mean that we still don’t go toe-to-toe sometimes. But, knowing how to speak his language allows me to apologize and explain myself in a way that he understands and connects to.


Take the Love Language Test Here to find out yours! 

Use the languages to spark romance


I’ve come up with a list of 28 free or cheap dates that are organized by love languages to get you started so drop your email below to grab them!


But I’m gonna be honest…  I am not very creative. Pinterest gives me 90% of my ideas and inspiration and I love anything that saves me time and gives me a great idea.


Enter the dating divas!


I came across their site and fell in love! They have so much expertise, beautiful downloads and a ton of tips on putting that spark in your marriage! I went through and found some of their awesome products that fit your partner’s love language and the best part…. You can download and print them for a date night TONIGHT! No need to wait to take some action on your love life at all! {Full transparency, these are my affiliate links but I wouldn’t recomend them if I wouldn’t use them! Check out my full disclosure here


Acts of Service:

7 days of spoiling


Quality Time:

Conversation Starters 


Word of Affirmation:

Love letters Kit 2.0 


Physical Touch: 

The Ultimate Intamacy Pack


Gift Giving: 

5 Seneses Gifts


And if you want to get a bunch of ideas all in one, check out the year of dates!


Hope these ideas spark some romance and help you better speak your partners love language RIGHT NOW!

What are some of your top date night ideas? Post them below in the comments!

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