Week 2 Tot School

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Week 2 of Tot School is complete! This week was much harder to get in all of the activities with Arianna. Every other week we have my stepson with us and having the 3 kids is more mom duties for me, a little bit more stress, and a little less time to get everything done. I also found myself feeling a little lazier in the mornings (when we typically do school) and will admit that Ari watched more Moana than I’d care for.

But that is okay because the reason I choose to homeschool for these early preschool years is that I wanted flexibility, I wanted something that we could just add in our day without being ‘another thing’ on our plate and I wanted for it to be flexible. So while we didn’t get to all of the activities we had planned, we got a lot of fun things done and learned some new skills. Anything that didn’t get finished, I plan to complete Monday or during Week 4 which is planned for a review. (I think that ABC Jesus Loves Me knows us moms might get a little off course!)

Week 2 Activities

The themes for Week 2 included the study of Creation (this will continue for a bit), the color BLUE, and the shape LINE. We also focused on counting the number ‘1’, saying ‘please’, and the gross motor skill of jumping up and down, which of course Arianna loved the most!

For creation, we made the second part of our book and focused on how God created the sky and earth. Using a coffee filter, she colored with blue and green markers and then we sprayed it with a spray bottle to make the colors bleed. It was a cute activity but, as she is still learning how to color with markers, she wound up breaking the tips off hers from banging them on the table! We were using cheap ones from the Dollar Tree but maybe it’s time we invest in better toddler-proof markers!

For the color blue, I made another blue exploration box which kept her busy for a while! We also did a lot of coloring and painting. One of the skills this week is to paint on a vertical surface so I set up our area in the office with foam board as a backdrop to protect my walls and cut up trash bags for the floors. This foam board is super awesome too because I can have her color on it while I am working out and it keeps her busy!

Since the sticker activity last week went so well, I wanted to duplicate it with the shape LINE. I continued with the blue theme and we used blue construction paper for our line and sea creature stickers to make the ocean. She did much better with getting her shapes on the line and again, stickers were a MAJOR win!

I also had her line up her toys this week during the day. This kept her busy while I cooked dinner, out at a restaurant, and at the doctor’s office so I am glad these activities and skills are transferable so we can do them anywhere!

So even though we didn’t finish all of our activities, I am proud of what we did get done. Just two weeks in and Arianna is super excited for ‘school time’, loves to paint, and is starting to learn her bible verses!!

Have you done any activities that fit this theme??? Leave your ideas and questions in the comments!

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