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The Purpose Driven Mom Show is for all moms – stay at home moms, work at home moms, or working moms!

The goal is to help you find systems and routines to manage your home, go after your goals, feel less stressed and have more joy in your home and parenting!

Meet Your Host And CEO

Cara is a mom, wife, creative and former English teacher with 8+ years of professional teaching experience.

She helps overwhelmed moms by teaching them time management and productivity skills so they can gather ideas on how they can create systems in their homes, and life. Systems that are customized for them and have a lifelong affect.

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Cara loves to meet other moms and reach as many as she can with her life changing topics. The difference is in the details. 

Teachings that Cara would love to come on your show and chat about are: 

TOPIC 1 | Routines

How to Create Routines That Make Sense in the Season of Your Mom Life

simple routines for moms to start with when they are so overwhelmed they don’t know where to start

TOPIC 2 | Habit Stacking

Simple Habit Stacking Technique That Will Change
Your Mom Overwhelm Into Lifelong Success

create a system that works for you by ditching the all or nothing attitude

TOPIC 3 | Goals

Using the 15 Minutes Formula to Make Goals You Can Stick With

using this 15 minute formula to stop trying to do it all perfectly, but switch to intentions

Get Cara on your Podcast Show by emailing podcast@apurposedrivenmom.com today.

Cara Has Been A Guest On:

Get Cara on your Podcast Show by emailing podcast@apurposedrivenmom.com today.

Podcast Stats

Launched in May 2019

Genre: Parenting + Productivity

67+ episodes 

58K+ unique downloads

7K+ monthly downloads 

600+ downloads per episode after 30 days 

Social Reach

4.6K+ FaceBook Page

1.4K+ FaceBook Group 

13.2K+ Instagram 

560+ YouTube

Podcast Sponsorship

A Purpose Driven Mom Podcast

Our Audience

The average listener is a Christian women between the age of 25 – 45 years old, is married, and has children. She is looking towards our podcast to learn how to balance all the things, while keeping Christ at the center of her life and her home. 

A listener of A Purpose Driven Mom is interested in making purchases with companies that are family focused, budget wise, and that have products or services that save her time and money. 

Our audience is highly engaged an predominantly located in the United States with reach extending to different countries. Especially Canada, and Australia. 

Our Goal

A Purpose Driven Mom is an avenue to help moms feel more confident, less of a hot mess, and start to structure and run their mom life in a way that allows them to live a life by design!

Moms can find resources of how to create systems and routines to take control of their lives! Hot topics for my readers include time management, self care resources, and everything productivity!


Services & Package

Listed below are standard packages and add ons that we could add to the partnership.

Standard Social Media Collaboration

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Total Cost: $250

Podcast Collaboration - Single Episode

1 Episode Sponsorship
60-90 second midroll advertisement
Social Shares on Facebook and Instagram
Total Cost $75

Podcast Collaboration - 4 Episodes

4 Episode Sponsorship
60 second midroll advertisement
Social Shares on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
Total Cost:
$300  $270


10% discount is given for sponsoring 4 or more episodes

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